East Cape - Timing

I am amazed at how fast our conditions are changing.  Last weekend we fished Bruce Borggreve's 22nd annual charity marlin tournament held at Rancho Leonero.  The purpose of the event is to raise funds to provide educational scholarships for youths in our community. Fourteen boats were signed up but for one reason or another 5 scratched so nine boats in the two day event were only able to produce four striped marlin.  Even though marlin fishing was slow there was plenty of action with fourteen limits of yellowfin tuna for the two days.

Two days after the tournament I was doing some computer work in my office while the Jen Wren crew was completing some maintenance on the boat.  Looking out my window at about 1:30 in the afternoon I could see about a dozen boats out about a mile off our buoy.  Just then Diego reported the work was finished and the boat was ready to launch.

Now 2PM, we jumped in Jen Wren and idled out preparing Halco's and hoochies to catch tuna.  Getting to the action several boats around us were hooked up with marlin not tuna.  Shifting gears we broke out the marlin lures.  It didn't take 15 minutes trolling and we had a quadruple hookup.  Striped marlin showed one to three miles off the beach in front of Buena Vista on Monday and it has been bent rods ever since.  The moral of this story is that timing is everything.

In the meantime the insane tuna bite has backed off a bit.  Boats are still returning with limits but it is not the silly, stupid bite it was and now taking a little work.

Sea of Cortez water is clear and blue.  Temperature outside is 81-82 degrees while closer to the beach is high seventies.  Bait is puddled up almost everywhere.

Roosterfish have also gotten in the game.  While out fishing for tuna Jen called on the VHF to let us know the biggest frenzy of roosters were going off in front of our place and driving bait out of the water up onto the sand.  Today while walking the beach I spotted two different spots of roosterfish feeding ten feet from the sand.

One of the four fish released in the tournament

Now stripers are here in volume

Limits of tuna

Sashimi time

Jackurate doing some damage on our new Accurate gear acompamied by Rick Jensen and Wayne "Wayniac" Shimabukuro.

Charlie Tuna

Steve Petit showing his talent with fly gear

Leopard grouper

Cabron!! I can deal with the tax man stealing our catch.  This is just wrong.

Jen surprised me with a trip to New York City for my birthday.  Neither of us had ever been there. The city is amazing.  Nice place to visit but couldn’t imagine or afford to live there.  I’d say Statue Of Liberty and Niagara Falls were highlights for me.. Lion King, Time Square, Central Park, Wall St, the Guggenheim and Grand Central were a few other highlights.  Katz deli might have had the best Reuben in my 70 years and the soup kitchen and Nathan’s were notable.
Mark Rayor

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