East Cape - Tough in the neighborhood

I'm feeling like we are on the down hill slide from winter to spring.  Calm days are starting to prevail over windy ones and the air temperature is not as frosty.  A clear sign to me is that I sighted my first carpenter bee.  In this neighborhood the carpenter bee is a better predictor of coming weather than Puxatawney Phil.  Whoever trusted a ground hog anyhow?

A plume of colder water has come down from the north and all but shut the bite off.  I saw a dozen fleet boats depart yesterday and only one return with one marlin flag.  Yes, it is tough in the neighborhood right now.  It is a little ironic watching the whole fleet roar off in the morning for parts unknown like their hair is on fire while the tin boat fleet is seeing action.  Tin boaters in their 12 to sixteen foot boats staying close to shore and home are bagging yellowtail, sierra mackerel, white bonita and other inshore species.

Meanwhile, back at the "Rayorosa" we are chomping at the bit.  Cabin fever has set in and as beautiful as our beach is the Jen Wren crew and myself can't wait to get off of it and in the water.  Boat maintenance has come together.  Last touch on Jen Wren was installing new dripless shaft packing, completely new bonding system and new Nibrel propellers.  We have had a couple hiccups with Jen Wren III's new motor installation snapping a turbo/manifold bolt and finding a small oil leak from the transmission output shaft seal.  All the kinks have been worked out and it is just polish and wax now.  Hope I'm not talking too soon but work on Vaquera has gone without a hitch and the whole team is ready for action.

Getting greasy crawling in engine rooms and bilges is necessary but not really that much fun. Getting all of our brand new Accurate rods and reels together is.  Accurate Valiant reels with matching rods has changed the game.  It is something an angler has to see and experience to believe.  Same as the Seakeeper on Vaquera, the experience is beyond description.  This is going to be a great season, I can feel it in my bones.

If you are going to be in Orange County next week come to the Pacific Coast Sportfishing show at the fair grounds and I'll get you in the door and buy you a beer.

 Tough in the neighborhood 

Got that Nibel shine.  Ready for action!

Just when I thought we were good to go, shit happens.

 No Auto Club where we are going.  New batteries for all the boats

 Pack 'em bring 'em home  The fun begins!

 Lucky day! Found a twenty on the beach

Blast from the past.  Found this old shot from when everyone was panicked by the swine flu outbreak.  We never had one case in Baja.
Time to party!
Mark Rayor

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