East Cape - Triple whammy!

For Easter vacation the East Cape is to La Paz and Cabo San Lucas what Palm Springs is to the greater Los Angeles area or like Daytona Beach to the East Coast of Florida or New Orleans is to Louisiana. Folks want to get out of town for their vacation and party.

Here in Mexico Semana Santa (Easter) is the most celebrated holiday of the year.  Government offices, banks and many large businesses close Thursday through Sunday for a 4 day holiday.  It is the only time of year I find our beaches crowded with people from the big cities camping and partying.

This year is like the perfect storm and we are getting the "triple whammy".  Not only is Sunday Easter, it is also April Fools' Day.  On top of that it is when we spring forward for daylight savings, tonight is the full moon and last night Passover started.

Although this is a fishing destination that is not on the agenda of the families pouring in for this weekend.  Seas are calm and weather beautiful now but we are coming off of a very windy week.  Traditionally Easter is when we experience the last northern blow of the season.  Rule of thumb is our fishing  season starts after Easter and ends just before Thanksgiving.

So, with the windy conditions there were very few departures this week.  We were out on Tuesday and found it difficult.  The sea was churned up and we found warm spots, cold spots, blue water and green water.  The thing we couldn't find in the wind, whitecaps and waves were the porpoise but we did manage one very nice dorado.  Now conditions have changed for the better and it is going to be game on.

For the Hebs out there don't forget to light the candles....oops, wrong holiday.  Well, leave the front door open, hide the matzo and enjoy mom"s tough brisket and rubber chicken.  I also think there are four questions in there somewhere?

Catch of the week

Beach is packed with breakers to the north

Breakers to the south

800 pound egg or E.T.?  No, it is a new Seakeeper gyro that just arrived for Vaquera.  She will be the only East Cape boat with gyro stabilization.

Sea snake on the beach?  No, this is a spotted snake eel.  They are not poisonous or aggressive.
Mark Rayor

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