As you may surmise, I am partial to the baitcasting set-up. Just bought myself a spinning outfit (6' 6" medium rod with a fast tip), for "finesse" fishing and for other applications like skipping tubes under docks and fishing for smallies. Anybody have some input on how to get the most out of my new spinning outfit, i.e., when and where is the best place to use it? What are the best kinds of baits etc.

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I only use my spinning rods for finesse fishing. I have one set for drop-shot and another for tubes, shakey heads etc. I usually use the set-ups in open water with no more tha 8lb. Fluorocarbon line - it is a finesse set-up, after all. Sometimes I will spool pup a little heavier and skip docks or drop-shot around grass. I also like to use a shakey-head bed fishing sometimes. Jus experiment with it and find how you like to use it - I bet you will get yourself one more before the season is over.

Hey, thanks for the pointers Sean. I plan to get into some drop-shotting this summer. Where/when are the best times to use a drop-shot rig?
I use a dropshot anywhere from deep water structure to shallow cover. I don't think there is a "best" time to use a dropshot, but I have caught a lot of big fish on off-shore structure ona dropshot.

I use spin casters alot more than baitcasters. I've always used open faced reels so it's in my comfort zone. Except for flipping quickly and accurately (not me but others I've seen) I see no reason to use a baitcaster. I suppose you get used to backlashes but not me. Droppshotting is something I definitely use, if the fish are picking up the bait just off bottom, I want to tease a fish into a bite in a stationary spot but I still fish the old Carolina rig more than most. I used to fish live bait exclusively (cheaper) so I have a vast amount of experience dragging. To my mind the carolina rig is the ultimate deep water finese technique. Perhaps in a few years I may change my mind but I'm not convinced dropshotting is the best in every deep water situation, it's limited by conditions (wind) and if I'm not in full control of the technique then I find I'm dragging a pegged bait (less finesey than a 6 lb, 2.5' leader or more waving naturally at the fish). It's all fun, bass season is way too far off.


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