I was trying to decide which was better to use for flippin and pitchin'.

tuff line braid or fire line? What do you think?

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Well tuff line retains water like crazy and floats most of the time, I haven't used fireline, and I dont fish for bass much but if u want wet hands and floating line then go with tuff line.
Go with the fireline man! thats what i use, and it works wonders. i use 6lb to 8lb .
personally its all on the hook set, if u want a straight away hook set w/ zero stretch then use the tuff, other wise use the fireline, but with the fire line its less visible to fish, so either or.

personally, i use both
There are two Fireline products out there. The old Fireline (great for spinning gear) and the new Fireline Braid (for baitcasters). I just recently spooled 65# Fireline Tracer Braid on my baitcaster and I'm really impressed with the feel. I've used Suffix and Power Pro braid in the past and Fireline Braid is more radial BY FAR. It casts a mile and is twice as smooth as the brands mentioned...but you also pay a little more too.

I've only used Fireline on spinning reels which was the knock on the product and why Berkley came out with their braid-version for baitcasters. Hope this helps.

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Suffix 832- blows all of this stuff mentioned out of the water.

You need to match the reel to the rod to the wight of the hook or lure.  I have tried both and I went back to braid as the fireline was too slick and I had too many bird's nests.  Use fireline if the tackle is very, very light.


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