Just wondered which line you guys like to use for bass

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Do you mean which brand, which type of line, or which pound test? Need a little more detail to answer your question.
I use 20lb power pro, 14lb P-Line evolution, and 8lb P-Line evolution
That all depends on presentation, conditions, structure, depth, water clarity etc. Braids work best in some situations and mono/fluro will excel in others. If you've only got one type of line rigged up, your hurting your chances. If you're crankin', for instance, 10lb is going to get you deeper than 12lb.
I'm using 10 lbs power pro braid with either 8 ore 6 lbs floro leaders 4-6 ' this season to start
Check these out...
All the fishers here swear buy Power Pro...
Check it out... thinner and stronger!
P line P line I use it on all my rods and i am on the water 2 to 3 x a week and I would never use anything diffrent i have used all the other brands out there and they all are horrible you will never go wrong with P line
Have to disagree with P-Line. I fished it last year with good results. Brought a brand new spool of 6lb halo this year and the results were off the charts bad. I had ten breakoffs in a matter of hours, every single one was on the hookset. I tested the line with my hands, just gave it a gentle tug and it snapped everytime. So not only was I out $20 for the line, but also about $30-$35 worth of custom made, hand tied hair jigs. Not what I expected from a high end product.

Obviously bad line. I used the same rod, reel, lure and line to boat over 400 smallies last year. I tried to contact P-Line Customer service, what a joke. First, the email address listed on the website isn't real. All emails get returned undeliverable. Then, I used the "Contact Us" feature on the website to send several emails, not one was returned. I even offered to send in the remainder of my spool so they could see for themselves how brittle and weak there line is.

As far as I'm concerned, a company that cares that little about their customers won't be around for long. I will never buy another product from this company. I ended up buying a spool of 6lb Trilene Pro Grade Flouro and had great results.
Funny, I just finished reading an article claiming Halo is the best and was about to buy a spool, thanks for the heads up. I have'nt had great luck with the 100% Flo Trilene. I was longlining Lakers and lost 3 Huskey Jerks for no good reason.
I like Fireline Crystal by Berkley, usually in 12 or 14lb test.
field and stream put out an article a couple of months ago that was a great help and explained all the different lines and best uses...flo or a co poly is great for anything but topwater...it sinks and when ya just keep trying it likes to birdnest on spining and bait casting
I prefer 12 pound Trilene Sensation for spinning reels and 17 pound Trilene XT for baitcasting reels.
I like to fish with 14 Pound Berkley XT Trilene and if I am fishing heavy structure 6/60 Spiderwire Braid


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