I'm into attractants, mainly because in my area it's too cold to fish now so I devote the winter to getting ready for spring and, well, I'm bored..  Back when I fished bays I'd often chum the water and get good results.  But how about freshwater?  I will spray some "can't-miss" attractant on soft plastics, and I'm convinced it helps.  So I've been thinking of taking it a step further this spring.  A couple of years ago I put some crawdad attractant in a kid's water gun and sprayed it across areas I was about to fish, and it seemed to help some.  Then again, maybe it was my imagination.  So this spring I've bought a slingshot and am seeking to spray attractants on, say, mashed dry oatmeal or crushed rice right before launching.  With a slingshot. the "chum" will travel a lot farther and should get bass interested in whatever type of lure I'm then throwing.

So what do you think?  Am I on the right course, or am I another victim of cabin fever?  If you were going to chum how would you go about it?

Before you judge me, please know that the situation with my invalid wife only allows me to fish heavily pressured local lakes where the bass have seen it all.  It really is a case of them learning what NOT to bite, because I'll have success with some new presentation early in the season, but since I practice catch and release it's as if they catch on by fall.  And in my neck of the woods cast nets and minnow traps are illegal, so using real chum is out, 


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