We thought it would be fun to try a new series of posts where we can learn from how each other fish.

So tell us, How would you fish the above location. We're targeting largemouth and the dept is between 3 to 6 feet and it's mid July and the water temperature is in the high 70's

This should help some of us find some new ideas to try - instead of the same old, same old.

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My goto. Texas-rigged senko (tube). Cast to the edge of the weeds (or drag across the top and let fall in a pocket). Bass should grab it on the way down. 

When your line starts going sideways - set the hook and hold on tight.  

I'd use a Frog and drag it right across those weeds. Lovin' the "Live Target" frogs. 


I also might try a weedless spoon with a trailer.

I would use a weightless texas rigged Yum Dinger, or fluke. I would also probably throw a Hollow body frog.

Whacky (with weed guard) or texas-rigged Gary Yamamoto senko.

I agree with the choices so far. I would probably start with a weedless plastic and then I would definitely throw a lipless crank through that mess and rip it through there!!!

Make sure you have a good rod and some good line.

Prime kayak fishing area.  Whatever method you fish here, the water looks very clear.  I would count on longer cast that are past where you want the bait and bring it past the area as to not spook any fish.  They may even be sitting in the vegetation line and I wouldn't throw straight into it.  I would pick a spot to aproach the edge of the vegetation and cast long and paralell presentations along that edge as close as possible. Slow and easy does it in this area.  Come in barn busting and there won't be a fish left to catch here.  Or, count on pulling them out of hiding.  They will be tucked away either way.  I'd love to fish this spot.

In this area you wouldn't need to worry about spooking the bass. They are hyper-vigilant when feeding and will investigate any motion in the water. Drop a Texas rigged worm right next to a lily pad and feel the hit! 

Could agree more Dwight. Seems like you and I would tackle this spot exactly the same way. Then the questions becomes - who gets the first fish? Me or you?  hahaha

i would cause im fishing george


 I'd be tempted to throw a T-rigged 10 in worm worked through the edges, a jig in the holes of the weeds and even a lipless crank. 

Depending on light conditions, use a frog colored or white Phatt Ratt tossed over the weeds close to shore and drag it back across.

Top water with a Trigger Fish and/or Trigger X/Spro Frog. No takers Football Jig, 1/2 - 3/4 OZ Black Blue Trailer and Jig!


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