We thought it would be fun to try a new series of posts where we can learn from how each other fish.

So tell us, How would you fish the above location. We're targeting largemouth and the dept is between 3 to 6 feet and it's mid July and the water temperature is in the high 70's

This should help some of us find some new ideas to try - instead of the same old, same old.

Don't forget to check out other fishing spots in this series:

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That spot has frog wrote all over it. If the fished missed it (or I missed the fish) I'd throw back with a weightless Texas rigged Senko.

Frog or Sluggo

Either a wacky style no weight. or a weedless from bouncing lily pad to lily pad until that Large mouth rolled the water. 

top water with weed guard maybe light green or brown frog popping it across the pads..

SPRO Frog through the weeds.

throw a molded frog or hula popper

i would use a hollow frog and move it through the weeds and lily pads. its a guaranteed hit.



i would use a frog and drag it across them weeds, and maybe even a weedless buzzbait.


weedless craw fatty with no wieght, that should demolish it oin the way down! lovin the lillys

I would throw a live target frog into the back of that slop and bounce it back to the boat

Check one more for frogs! It would be a shame to waste an opportunity like that on anything else. I use Lunkerhunt Pocket frogs because I find the live target ones too expensive, but that's just personal preference.


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