Just glad I don't live in a trailer

From the perspective of a fisherman, not a wind sailor, for the last couple of weeks our weather has gone from excellent to spectacular.   According to the almanac the spring equinox starts March 20th.  Looking out my window I'd say spring is already here.  Punxsutawney Phil doesn't agree and has returned to his burrow for another six weeks.

Kite boarders and wind sailors who rely on the wind for their sport have taken to cycling on mountain bike trails in our hills.  There has been a traffic jam at the Los Barriles bike shop.  

The lack of wind has reminded me of Jimmy Buffett's "Son Of A Son Of A Sailor".  Unlike Jimmy I fell in love with the East Cape and have tossed "out my anchor" but like Jimmy, "I'm just glad I don't live in a trailer".

I captured this image from our deck this morning.  Lack of north wind for days on end backs up my theory that spring has arrived.  More evidence is the high 60 temperatures after dark and 80 degree daytime temps.  Phil can stay in hibernation, I'm getting ready to go fishing!

The fish count has followed the weather and has gone from very good to wide open.  There is still little traffic as anglers are not prepared for the great conditions this early in the year but the few boats departing in the mornings are returning with their laundry out.  Three to five marlin released has been the norm this week with dorado, a few yellowtail and snapper in the daily reports.

This is only the second week in February and anglers are already killing it.  Last year yellowfin tuna showed up in March and never left.  From all the signs I'm seeing with excellent conditions and an abundance of bait this is going to be the year we have been waiting for.

It's show time!  Next weekend we will be exhibiting, answering questions and taking reservations at the PCS Sportfishing show in the Orange County Fairgrounds.  The show is intimate and gives anglers good opportunity to spend time with exhibitors.  I pulled some strings and got us located directly across the aisle from the bar.  Stop by for a visit and I'll buy ya a beer.
Exciting Jen Wren news:
Winter maintenance on all of our boats will be complete next week.
Staying ahead of the curve providing unparalleled service with the highest quality equipment, we are adding a new dimension to our arsenal that will give us an even bigger edge.  Stay tuned for photos in the coming weeks.
Vaquera, ready to fish next week.  Just waiting for a raw water pump for the gen-set and a new exhaust heat blanket

Vaquera starboard exhaust, new blanket here Tuesday.

Jen Wren interior restoration will be complete and she will be ready to fish next week.  Just waiting for new flooring that was lost in shipping.

In the middle of our remodel I was puckered up wondering what I had gotten myself into

Somehow it always works out.  My baby is lookin fine

Jen Wren III will be ready to fish next week.
We are re-wiring a troublesome XM stereo and waiting on some upholstery

The Sea of Cortez is calling us.  
Let's go fishing.

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