Lefty is not a freak

We are not out of the woods of winter weather yet but I'm starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  As far as winter goes this has been a very mild one.  North wind yes, we have had enough windy days to satisfy kite boarders and sailors.  The thing is it hasn't been that can't stand it in your face wind that makes the surf pound so hard it feels like our house is shaking.  Cold yes, the thermometer dropped below 59 degrees a couple mornings.  This is tolerable compared to morning temps in the 40's winter normally brings.  It has been so mild my jeans, tennies and socks are still in the closet gathering dust.  I say not out of the woods because traditionally February is our coldest, windiest rotten weather month of the year.  In February's past I have not wanted to get out of bed in the morning and put my feet on the cold tile floor.  So far, not this year.

There are few anglers in town but favorable winter conditions has allowed them to get on the water many mornings.  The water, which normally turns green this time of year, has stayed blue, clear and holding at 70 degrees.  There is loads of bait and marlin and dorado have been consistent.  The last couple of years these gamefish disappeared in the winter and early spring but now it is like the years of past.

All signs indicate this fishing season is going to be a barn burner.  The stars are starting to line up so hang on to your hat.  Rancho Leonero and Palmas de Cortez are already booked solid for many  prime time dates as are many of the premier boats.  My recommendation is to plan ahead and get a reservation while there are still dates to get.

We just returned from our annual camping trip to Mag Bay.  The landscape is breathtaking and pelagic bird life amazing as you can see in some of my photos below.  This trip brought outstanding weather and we feasted on fresh clams, shrimp, lobster and fish until I was practically in a seafood coma.  Add a couple bloody mary's and it was close to Utopia.  The 20 miles of bad washboard road is always a challenge rattling our teeth and beating up our rigs but we have always been able to overcome our breakdowns.  Not this year, John had to get a tow from a military truck to make camp.  He made it out to the highway but tarnished our perfect record having to leave his motorhome about 70 miles north of La Paz when it squatted at a service station and gave up the ghost.

It doesn't get any better than this.

Sunset at Clam Bay

Sunrise on the bay

Incredible amount of bird life

A photographer's paridise

Fishing the mangroves was not as action packed as some years but we managed enough to eat and also fill our freezer

When I first spotted lefty I though he was a freak with one oversized claw.  Looking around there was a whole family of them in the shallows and on the beach.

Lucky this military truck happened by to help us out.

This was a few years back.  Rick was having so much fun it was hard to leave.

Where's the water?  Extreme tides on the full moon makes clamming easy

Just part of the gig.  If you don't like adventure this might not be the trip for you.

Another year another breakdown.  If it was easy we wouldn't have the place to ourselves.
Mark Rayor
US cell 310 308 5841

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