Hey, is there any crappie fishermen in this group. If so, lets talk crappie. Richard from Oklahoma

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Hey Richard I do a lot of crappie fishing here in Minnesota.. So far this year the bite has been pretty slow all around.. Hasnt really seemed to matter what we are fishing for.. Even our "go to" lakes have not been producing all that well!!
Hello Justin, I haven't got started fishing yet this year, been to busy and the weather still not good here. How do you fish for crappie there? Spider rigging seems to be the big thing around here anymore but I have not tried that yet. I just like to tie up in the brush and drop those minnows down and let them do the work.
well we have been fishing them through the ice a lot.. right before dark with glow jigs and crappie minnows.. in the summer time i've had good luck with just a regular hook and minnow in the shallows.. a few people i know have had good luck wiht road runner jigs i believe is what they are called.. but through the ice mainly glow jigs and minnows.. where are you from richard?
I'm from Tulsa, Ok. We don't get to do ice fishing here, but thats ok as I'm a warm weather fisherman. I use to fish during the winter back in my younger days but not any more.
I fish for them through the ice: lantern, vex, and minnows. I fish a small lake in Michigan where the public access is poor but property owners near the hot spot let me walk through their yard. It's fun to get a limit of specks and only see one other shanty on the lake.
I am from Bowmanville ON Canada. This is the first year that crappie were open through the ice on my home lake. We caught amazing numbers and sizes this year. I go to target walleye but we started consistently icing monster slabs. I don't know how big they are down where you guys fish but we were catching over 2lb slabs. Here are some photos
Those are some great fish Laker272!
those are definatly some pigs.. we do have some lakes around here where you can catch some that are 2+ lbs.. the lakes i fish they dont seem to get that big.. one of hte lakes i fish there are a ton of crappies so a 10 incher is a nice one in that lake the otehr one i fish 12 inches is about as small as they get...
Hey, that ice fishing sounds like fun. Never had the chance to get up north and try that. I'm visualizing a little room out on the ice with a hole in the ice floor. I see a heater and a bed and a big recliner. Am I close. Anyway here in Oklahoma, you might catch a two pounder if you're lucky. I have fished for crappie all my life and have not yet caught a two pounder here in Ok. However I fished a lake in Arkansas a couple of years ago and the first two I caught was both over two pounds. I sell rod holders and do several boat, fish and tackle shows each year, so I get to talk a lot of fishing. Did a show this year in Memphis Tennessee, which is just a few miles from Missisippi. Found out about some lakes there that have lots of big crappie. The state record white crappie was from Lake Enid in Missisippi weighting 5.3 lbs. Got to go there and try those lakes someday. Well better get off here for now.
When you get them going through the ice it's about as fun as I've ever had ice fishing. I usually fish in 30ft of water and they'll suspend so using a vexilar makes them easy to target. When they're feeding aggressively they'll swim up 6 or 7 feet for the minnow.

I've noticed that I do better on the smaller minnows on very small teardrops as well, one of the local baitshops lets me scoop out my own minnows from the tank so I can get a few dozen of them that I don't need to sort through on the ice.

Rich, your idea is pretty close, little shack, I don't use a heater but I have a lantern running so that puts out some heat (and light because it's after dark), hole in the floor, I drill 3 holes, one for me, one for whoever I take with me, and one for the vex. Unfortunately no bed, usually just little seats, and I've seen people that bring radios and listen to music but I prefer the quiet. It's a lot of fun.
Ice fishing in a hut definately has it's advantages. I fish in any weather because I know as soon as I'm in the hut it's just a sweatshirt and jeans. I will post some pictures of my hut. It's 6x8 with lots of room for two or three. No bunks this year but for next season for sure. I have a propane heater that pumps out enough heat that I have had buddies out fishing that said they went home with a tan. We have a BBQ bring up up and have Sirius Sat. radio. Sure is comfy.
Well I have to say, that ice fishing in a hut sounds like a lot of fun. If we fish here in the winter, it is sitting in a boat freezing your butt off. I use to do that, but now I just wait for spring and it is about that time.


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