Hey, is there any crappie fishermen in this group. If so, lets talk crappie. Richard from Oklahoma

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Hey, got a question for you ice fishermen. Do you hold your fishing rod in hand while fishing? Reason for asking, I have a one rod holder that fits on a 5 gallon bucket. We use them here for bank or dock fishing but thought they might work good for ice fishing. If interested, let me know and I will try to add a picture of one.
Hi Richard,
If we are jigging the rod is in hand most of the time. We are allowed to have 2 lines out at once for ice fishing on my lake. Rod holders come into play at the still-line (non-jigging). They sell the same thing here for your bucket as alot of guys use it to sit on. They sell all kinds of different styles of rod holders for this. I will post some of them when I can get some photos. Tip ups are very popular to use for still-line. There are tonnes of different styles. Any questions just ask.
No Regulated Seasons and no Ice here in most of AZ's Crappie lakes. The Crappie bite turned on about 2 weeks ago. One of the lakes I fish here it is common to catch Crappie 1.5 lbs and an occasional over 2! Shore or from the boat. My two favorite methods are fishing a minnow under a slip-bobber. or slow trolling a 2" grub. (b/b/c , or JohnDeere Green). Heading out again this weekend to see if we can get back on some Slabs.

May all your fish Stay on the hook!
the way I cook them is mix some lowrys, pepper, garlic, (any of your favorite seasoning really) with flower. Dip the fillets in some beaten egg, then coat them with the breading, then fry them in a pan with some canola oil. Pretty standard pan frying but they taste really good.
Cajun Fishcrisp rocks. Shake'n'Bake also works well.
Crappie are really easy to fillet. Lay fish on flat surface. Hold head with left hand. Cut down to back bone behind the gills and then cut along back bone toward the tail. Stop just before you reach the tail leaving the slab attached. Flip slab over backwards, hold tail with fingers and slice from tail along the skin under the meat. Then flip fish over and repeat on the other side. Then simply cut the rib bone from the end of your fillets and your ready to fry.
I'm not much of a cold-weather fisherman either. But things are warming up nicely around here. I plan to start hitting the lake every chance I get now.
Yes I agree I do a lot of Ice fishing in Michigan and Id have to agree the bite is very slow this year. Ive caught more large mouth through the ice this year than crappie.


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