Hey everyone

I'm going to be getting a new rod and reel. I don't want to spend a lot of money since I'm in college (maybe $50-75 each at the most), but I want a good spinning set up. I'll be fishing almost exclusively for trout, but I have discovered a few lakes that have bass in them.

Thanks for the input.

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hey jed, i love the shimano compre rod, i got the 6,6" med/heavy about a year ago and it is the best rod i own. i use it for trout, bass, pike and carp too, i have landed a 25lb carp on this rod and it was fine. it is super light, well made and has a cutaway on the handle so your finger sits on the blank and you can feel EVERTHING through it, very usefull for bass fishing senko's etc. i have a fair few rods in my collection and this one is bar far my favorite, it is priced nicely (i think i paid 80 bucks) and is only comparable to higher end loomis etc, without a doubt the best rod for its price i have ever used! (can you tell i like it?) for reels i'd suggest shimano also, i have the symetre, rear drag version and i love it too! keep away from the spirex (i hate the easy cast thing, waste of time, more unnessisary parts to break!) otherwise check out mitchell or abu garcia reels, these 3 brands have never let me down and are well priced.
Thanks, I hadn't looked at shimano rods yet. Definitely a possibilty!
If you are looking for a great spinning setup for the rod and reel in your price range you should first look for some All Star Classic Rods, or even Castaways. These are great brands that feature great rods in the $50 price range. As far as reels are concerned Shimano will make only a few in your price range such as the Sedonas and Sonoras, but you should check out Okuma reels. They make excellent reels, I own 3 of them. You can check out the Stinson models which runs for about $32-$35. They also make and epixor model that runs about $50-$60. These are a better reel for your money compared to Shimano because they don't charge their customers for all their patents and trademarks they place on their reels. If you pick up an Okuma and a Shimano that is the same price you will find that the Okuma features at least 3 or 4 more bearings, better drag system, and better saltwater resistance. But that last one might not be too much of a concern for you.
When getting a reel, try to avoid plastic bail arm part if possible. I have an big-ultra-light with a plastic bail arm. It got a big hole in it in just a few years. It might have happend when didn't replace the broken bail spring soon enough.
I would go with a 6' medium-action Berkley Cherrywood Spinning Rod with a Bass Pro Shops Megacast Spinning Reel, equipped with 8-pound Trilene XL Smooth Casting. This set-up is pretty decent, and will work for any Trout or Bass you seem to hook into.

Rod, reel & line should cost around, I don't know, $50 at the most.


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