Six hours and two weak shakey head worm bites later my friend and I called it quits last night fishing a local pond. Anyone else out there night fishing? Especially right now? I'm located in San Diego and would love to hear stories, techniques & tips from other night time anglers. Doesn't matter where you are. As long as you are night time fishing.

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Thanks for the tips broski bro bass brah. Guess I asked for it putting up the shakaka gnar brah shaka photo huh?
Hey mate, My first thing I go for is a black jitterbug they make an irresistible noise on the water and it attracts fish big time! Second thing I go for is a Black and blue spinnerbait with two Colorado blades on them it also attracts some nice fish..

The thing about Jitterbugs that I like the most is its SO exciting If I could get a bite on them everytime i threw them at night I'd never ever get bored... I'd be in heaven.

Tight lines mate,

Last week was the full moon of the year and I decided to check it out plus get some fishing in. I threw a jig for a while and got no love. Switched it up to a lipless crank bait and still no love. Switched it to a spro popper frog for a little bit but just wasn't feeling it. It was nice just being out there with the moon being so bright though. Made it easy to tie on. Finally I hooked into this one at 12:44. It was on black skirted single colorado bladed spinner bait. I slow rolled it over this point and got slammed hard... A little too excited I just got the bass to the shore as fast as I could which sucked because it would have been nice to actually enjoy the fight. Still a good one though. Had the drag set well and she took some line... Well that was the only fish I caught that night. My buddy got hit a few times on a 10' black worm but couldn't seal the deal. Thanks for the suggestions.
Light up bobber and 4-6 in. minnow = biggest bass in pond at night. 3 ft. off bottom on weed edge in 10 ft of water.
i do my best fishing at night. sea bass, halibut, shark. i catch em all at night. i use plastic swimmers for the bass and halis and sardines for the shark. i dont go south of del mar or north of carlsbad and i have plenty of fun at night.
KkI am crazy bout hunting hawgs at night. Always prepared to stay out all night cuz ya never know when that special hour or 2 nightbite will occur. Crawdads are mainly nocturnal,so my mainstay for toads at night are soft-plastic crawdads(texas rigged). Use big ones w/big flapping pincers-lots of good fishfinding vibrations. Usually fish slowly across rocks, but also occasionally give it some good sweeping rips. Love tubing after dark--cant see all those no tresspassing signs on all those beautiful sandpits!

I fish nights in SD too. To get the big boys I throw a MS Slammer in black beauty. This bait shine fishing at night.


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