wich one you use more. and wich one produces more fish

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I've used Rapala more but I don't count Berkley out for anything, both are very good in my opinion.
My preferred baits are Rapalas, in pretty much any pattern. Orange is a good attractor, and there are many good imitator patterns, although fire tiger is probably my favorite.

As for a particular model, I go by the type of cover I'm casting into. Floaters and Husky Jerks are excellent, as are Rattling Rapalas and Skitter pops.

Berkely soft baits have the advantage of being rigged for weedless operation, so I often make use of those for later summer fishing in heavy foliage.

I don't think either produces more fish; it depends on which you prefer. If you're more comfortable with one, you'll probably catch more fish with it. And if your local dollar store carries fishing tackle, pick up some of the cheap knock-offs of hard plastics. I catch as many with those as I do with the more expensive name brands. Always be looking to experiment.

Good luck
how can you compare the two? two totally different types of bait. Unless you are asking about the tools the companies put their names on.
exactly i was just about to write that. they are two completley different types of bait hardbaits and softplastics. but since i fish with soft plastics more i wud hav to say berkely
heck rapala hands down there whole arsenal is amazing n i catch tons of eyes on every p[roduct that they make almost i mean so id recommend them to anyone the deep huisky jerks the shad raps and the new x raps oh yeah n the down deep tail dancers work fantastic for eyes
Well, I have to say Rapala lures. I love them!! But, Berkley makes a fine product. Like someone had already posted, kind of like two different types of fishing when comparing the two together. By the way, I just started a new Fishing Rapala's group here. Drop by and see what is going on.
I prefer Rapala, although it depends on what I'm fishing for and the type of water I'm in.
I use a lot of rapalas', Usually in yellow perch (there are no bait fish in my lake, the smallest fish we have are sunnies, and white and yellow perch. I use a lot of frog and bass patterns too). I use some berkely but am not a big fan. have had a little luck w/ yamasenkos though.


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