Where I'm from in Northern Illinois the best fishing under a1hr drive is fishing the shallower of two rivers in town called the Kishwaukee river.

Average depth is only about 3 feet. I fish in current with a rooster tail or inline spinnerbait. This has worked for me pretty well, however I have yet to catch a bass over 13 inches on this river out of about 30 caught. (Only been fishing it for a few weeks).

They laugh at tubes and other soft plastics, and the current is too strong for a shad rap. Any suggestions?

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Hey, Jim!

I went to school at NIU in DeKalb, and fished the Kish a couple times. Personally, I've found the Kish pretty much unable to hold any fish much larger than 13 inches. I've seen and heard of some other people catching northern pike in the 2 foot range out of it, but for the most part, the nature of the Kish is small fish. If you want to get into some bigger fish and have the resources to rent a boat, try heading to Shabbona Lake State Park and fishing there. There are great populations of largemouths, a few smallies, catfish, and it's a good lake for musky, walleyes, and crappies.


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