What is it and why? I can never decide what to buy. I seem to always just buy Yum Dingers. I want to try something else.

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culprit 7.5" moccasin worm


culprit 7.5" red shad worm

whacky rig a senko or fishin a weedless shaky worm always work great. green pumpkin never seems to fail but try to match the color to the baitfish in the area


here is a couple of my favorites for largemouth 

The best soft plastic lure for Bass is a finesse worm, they work year round, and work if the fish are slow or activ,any time of day, and depth.

My favorite is now Zoom Super Flukes pearl white on a 4/0 hook no weight. let it drop and do it's thing . wait for the tug and set the hook !


I'm sure the senko is a no brainer for many and it will get the bass to bite . Now a days I will only throw a senko type worm to follow up missed topwater frog strikes and I need to catch that bass , be it to get a limit or when out for fun and the day is just a slow bite day . 

OK , enough for that avoiding directly answering the question. my favorite plastic is a soft jerk bait / fluke type bait. there are many on the market and I've tried many. My overall favorite is the Keitech Shad Impact.

why this particular brand is because though they are more expensive they have a great life like movement swim it slow or fast , twitching it or letting it fall and the only that have this great squid scent that is a true attractant that gets the strike and bite held on long enough to detect and set that hook . The soft jerk bait is a great bait to mimic bait fish and when the bass are targeting bait fish in the skinny water , it is a great time to rig this bait tandem / doublefluke / donkey rigged . That will drive Smallmouth insane and Largemouth as well . If you have never tried this rig look it up on youtube and give it a go . It's fun to fish and it catches fish and great for youngsters keeping them interested even when the bite is slow .


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