It’s a simple question...What is the worst weather you have ever fished in??
I was thinking about this tonight as I stood on the beach in the pouring rain.
Last year I was fishing the rocks up in Rockport MA. The waves were rolling in eight foot plus with driving rain, whipping wind and lightning all around us... It was crazy the waves would pick you up and move you back four feet and put you down. We caught fish but I was just happy we survived.
So what was the worst weather you have fished in???

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This year when there were tornadoes touching down within 10 miles of us and pouring rain with all the sirens going off, god i love those times because everyone else leaves and i have the lake to myself.
In May this year we were fishing in about 30 mph winds with rain, snow and sleet...It was cold....very cold. We did catch some fish though. I think it was later that day that we had a tornado touch down, maybe the next day. I'm not sure.
Tornadoes..Isn’t that like a poor mans hurricane? LOL
I’m just saying if a girl and her little dog too can survive how bad can they be??
hahaha well I live in Wyoming. they aren't very common up here.
a tornado is kind of like a hurricane EXCEPT YOU NEVER SEE IT COMING. unlike a hurricane which you can prepare for,a tornado can just come out of the sky and DESTORY everything and everyone in its path with 120mph+ winds in a second! so mike know what you are talking about before you think its fun to make lite of one of natures most dangerous events.
Last year I was Ice fishing on Lake Winnipesaukee when a white out storm came across the lake. I told my buddy to take my sister back on the snowmobile to the camp first then come back for me. As soon as he was out of sight the storm hit and I was smack in the middle of it. This lake is so big and deep some spots don’t freeze and not knowing what direction you’re facing makes it suicide to start walking... So I started walking...but only after I waited a half an hour for someone to find me. After walking for a bit I see my father heading towards me not my buddy.
Turns out on my buddys way back to get me something fell off the sled…when he got off to get it he fell through a live well someone chipped out. He pulled himself out and went back to dry off and warm up…With all this going on they forgot about me.

But hey at least I had some alone time…
I was fishing a BWS tournament In Sturgeon Bay and the director almost called it the night before because of the winds we were going to have. We ended up launchng as scheduled. The waves were pretty tough. We were fishing a big shelf out near the main lake suddenly tons of boats started hauling ass past us and toward the bay. I looked north and saw nothing but black sky. Anyone who fishes the great lakes knows how fast these storms can brew up. By the time I got my rain gear on I was already soaked. The boat was being tossed all over the place, the rain and blowing waves were so bad I had to keep drinking it in order to be able to breathe through my nose. we were in a ranger bass boat and it definetely was not made for this. Although we couldn't see a thing, we kept bassin until it blew through in about 45 mins. This was the only time I actually feared for my life in a boat.
-12 below 0, in Michigan, on the Lake Michigan Pier trying to catch the ever so elusive..STEELHEAD...
There was a Tornado Watch in my area and all of the sudden the sky turned Black and the wind picked up where it was blowing my hat off my head and there was lightningf in a distance needless to say I reeled in and got back to the dock and went home


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