There is a little reservoir that is pretty close to my house that i fish sometimes, usually i just catch rainbows and largemouth, but it contains walleye also and i would like to try to hook into some..anybody wanna help me out?

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You want to go out just before first light in the morning and again before , and during night. That's when they are most active and feed. You mentioned that you've fished the lake before. If you know where the deepest part of the lake is that has structure by it, that would be a sure spot to fish. You also want to use live minnows, on a flashy gold or silver spoon like a swedish pinple. Drop line to the bottom , then lift until the lure is just off bottom. Then do a soft jigging motion every 5 seconds or so. Good luck, hope this helps.
thanks! i'm sure it will.
Go just before dark, but give yourself enough daylight to set up. They will turn on right after sunset. Find deep water adjacent to shallows, preferably a sunken island, or a flat that contains live weeds. You might need to reposition in order to find just the right depth. A good idea is to purchase some kind of light system for your tip-up (or bobber if you're using an ice rod). I would use live minnows, but if you dont mind constantly jigging, a lure such as jigging spoon or the new Lindy Darter can work well.
thanks for the help
If you can fish 2 lines, set one with a lively minnow on a jig of your choice 2-6" off bottom, with a rod in a holder, drag set loose and stay close! or a tip up. 2nd hole close to the first about 4-6' away and use a more aggressive aproach, spoon, something with a rattle, rapala, or my personal fave a salmo chubby darter (lindy ripped em off this yr, the lindys have a rattle too, i like the new holographic salmos better tho) fish this more aggresivly and fish more of the water column, if they hit this one they will hit hard! if its too much for them it will still bring them in and they might hit the jig n minner a couple feet away. good luck, fish often!
thanks, i'm not sure if i can use a live minnow though.


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