Alright, so I've been looking up tricks on how to find and catch nice walleye and everyone seems to have a great idea so i made this for everyone to show off their tricks and maybe show some pictures of some great catches. also...if anyone lives in southern Ontario please show me a nice lake for Bass and walleye, it would be much appreciated :)

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Hey Seana K,

Some info as to the body of water you will be fishing whether it being a river, big lake, small lake the great lakes will help me a lot to answer your question on the best way to catch ''nice'' waldos.

Hope I can help you out.
Very nice fish Tyler! Andrew, i would be fishing off a boat in the Kawartha lakes
oK cOoL! I have fished a few lakes in the Kawarthas a few years ago and did quite well.

By opener the water temps on most of the lakes should be warm enough to start pulling bottom bouncers and crawler harnesses. It's one of my favorite ways to catch walleyes year round and some good un's too. Have just enough weight to keep your bottom bouncer and spinner rig on the bottom and your line on a 45 degree angle while on the troll. To get the right angle and speed you want just do it right off of the side of the boat. The bigger and juicer the worm, the better. Also you can't beat jiggin' minnows or leeches and casting/trolling stickbaits shallow. That's pretty much how I catch my walleyes until Quinte in the fall.

A few pictures from last years opener on the Ottawa River...another another two weeks to go!!

Start it off with my bro with a few!

ohh man andrew im jelous of those fish!
I'm about to go to Lac Seul in Ontario next Thursday. I don't know how "south" in Ontario it is, but it is about a 4 hour drive north of International Falls, MN. Great Walleye and Pike fishing, you'll get an occaisional smally. But a good day is 30+ walleyes, most are between 18-26. This will be my 3rd trip. I guess they have Muskie as well but not in the areas we have gone. I'll post a couple pictures later
Sean, I envy you, I dream of one day fishing up at Lac Seul. O' I'ts northern Ontario by the way, Way north for me anyway. I'm in south eastern Ontario on the Bay of Quinte. Home to 10-15 lb Walleye.We just had our opening weekend on the 3-4 May, my older brother placed 10th on the pike board with a 10.35 lb .See the pic's on Big Gene's page here. Good luck.
I could only track down a couple pictures, last time I was there was 3 years ago, but these are pretty run of the mill type fish on Lac Seul, very average walleye, I think this one was 22" but we've caught up to 29"ers, and I've gotten a couple big northerns like this one each time I've been there

Nice, Enjoy your trip. I'll get there some day.

Well we just got back from Lac Seul on Friday, kind of slow for up there, but it still beats any fishing you can do in Chicago. The ice had just left the lake a week before we got up there, so the fish hadn't really moved out into other parts of the lake. It was also spawning time so we got some nice pigs. We caught just about all our Walleyes with 1/4 to 3/8 ounce jigs with 3" grubs and minnows. Just did a slow real, dragging the bait on the bottom.
i like to use bottom bouncers but i caught some monster walleye on a fishing trip using a plane pink jig head with a leech and just draggin it along the bottom about mid day in +30 weather


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