After years of redfish fishing I'm feeling like I want to push myself to learn and try new things. Want to keep it exciting. Does anyone want to share what they do and how they're set up to fish reds? I do most of my fishing on the gulf coast of Florida.

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Well, not knowing how you're already fishing - I'll tell you one technique that I use often. I like to cut my bait instead of using live or artificial baits. Cutting the bait allows the scent of the fish to lure the redfish out of its cover and the bait won't swim away. I usually use pinfish or finger mulltet. I usually use a circle hook. Let the fish run with it a bit (loose drag). I've had good results with this technique.

I also like to anchor up and cast to potholes in the grass flats .Use cut mullet ,cut pin-fish ,cut lady fish or cut menhaden . If it is windy use just enough weight on a Carolina rig to hold it there . If I can get away with no weight then that is the best. 

 Over the years I have found the 40" to 45" reds prefer 25' to 50' deep water .While the slot reds prefer shallow water. 

That's a very sweet redfish Doug. Where was that one caught?

Port Aransas


Shallow clear water 15lb leader, clear light line, and freelined cut pin, ladyfish, shrimp or greenback. Gulp if I don't have bait. 

I use live finger mullet under a poping cork. i have had good outcomes with this technique



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