OK, so I have been fishing since a young boy like most people on here, and I have grown into an average angler in my opinion. Im not a tournament angler, but i do think of myself as one who has the basics pretty much figured out.

I have ended up with quite a collection of lures, rods, reels etc, and I like to invest in nice equipment, However, since i started with braided line on my spinning reels I have had a huge problem...Knots! not tying the lure on, but knots in my line when i cast.

My buddy who i fish with uses pretty much the same line and same gear as i do and we cant figure out why my line knots up so frequently and his does not. I spool the line the correct way, and i do maintenance regularly on my gear.

After a few cast i try to whip my lure out there on a cast and boom...im either reeling in a big old knot in the middle of my line, or my lure flies off into the abyss because the line breaks. (15-30 lb braid shouldnt break like that)! I never use old braid and i change my line frequently.

Im thinking about switching to fluorocarbon but im not sure. Does anyone have this problem and does anyone have any advice?? It gets frustrating always getting knots out of my line every other cast. My baitcasting reels DO NOT have this problem. any suggestions?

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Yep I had the same problem I wanted to use Spiderwire braided HA I was putting mono on the next day. Nothing wrong with the Florocarbon, but since I use my spinning gear mostly for worms I prefer mono for the slower sink rate.

I would switch to fluorocarbon. It's easier to manage and you will not have the problems that you are having with the braided line like you are now. Braided line does have it's advantages though. I would definetly check over your reel and eyes on your rods to make sure there are no sharp spots, cuts, abraisions or dings as that can cut the line when you forcefully try to cast. If you would prefer to stick with the braided line, I would try and re-spool it a different way. Maybe you have some kind of twist in it and that's why it's knotting up when casting.

If you want to get the twist out of your line, without re-spooling try this hint. In your boat, going at a slow speed 1 to 3 mph, hang your rod over the side of the boat and lett out ALL of the line on the reel. Pull it through the water that way for about 5 minutes and the twist will come out. Just reel it back in and you should be good to go. That works on any type of line, so remember that for future use. Hopefully this helps you.
Let me know what happens.....
Rippn-Lips Tackle Company
The tip for getting the twist out of line is a great idea, thanks for sharing.
i think i am going to change one rig to fluorocarbon and see how i like it. what brand of line do you recommend when it comes to fluorocarbon?
As someone who has only used braided on a few rods for 8 months or so, I have talked to a few and use this setup:

First of all, make sure it is round braid is what I am told, and the best 2 I have heard are Power pro, and spiderwire braid, and used these 2 successfully.

Second, if you are comfortable using, or the reel recommends say 8 lb. line, use that diameter, and in rated test, that would be about 20 lb. test.

Third, Baits that have to be worked hard/ and or move alot, I stick a swivel in there, hopefully preventing knotting that expensive braid you will have to pay for when the credit card comes due.

Forth, learn how to tie a good blood knot (or use the swivel in the previous step to join the braid to leader), and use a leader of either fluorocarbon, so if you are using 20 lb test, use an 8 lb leader.(8 lb diameter floro is the same approx diameter as 20 lb braided, so a blood knot is easier to tie) or nylon for a few reasons: one is safety, if you grab a rock or a tree stump or something, and you yank on it real hard to get it loose, the 20 lb won't break(unless you are pretty darn strong), and you might get your bait and hook hitting you in the forehead or face, or break a rod. This way the leader will break, saving you a trip to the hospital (no hook in the face). A second is that the floro or nylon camouflages better with the water color. Another good reason is it will give you a little stretch, because setting the hook with no stretch in there you might just rip the poor fishes lips off. Also, if you use straight 20 lb. test on say a 2000 series reel, the manufacture might get a little p.o. ed if you blow out the drag.

Personally I use the blood knot to join the braid to the florocarbon, then a swivel just above the lure. I use about a 4-6 ft. floro leader. Line made to use as a leader line tends to be more flexible for abrasion and ease of knot tieing. A properly tied blood know runs through the eyelets or guides of the rod no problem.

I use "lobs" as my first few casts to get the feel of the braided line, and also it "sags" a lot more downwind in higher wind usage.

I only use monofilliment for top water baits, or shallow swimming baits.

That is what seems to work for me. If anyone has different suggestions I would be interested in reading them.

A lot of info in there, thanks. I will try to let you know how it works. im planning on taking a trip to Gettysburg for some smallmouth. I use a lot of light lures and topwater action, which causes a lot of knots when i cast and retrieve. hopefully your set up will help solve that problem with the swivel and leader idea. appreciate it,
Hi Louie,

I am long winded on my response but that is because I enjoy this hobby of ours so much.

Yes, doing the setups that was is kind of a lot of work, especially until you have your bloodknots down...I did tightening them up is the key as if you have 4 hands it seems like it would be easier. I re-read my suggestions, and there might be some confusion as I didn't really spell out 20 lb. braid= 8 lb. mono or floro in diameter but hopefully you understood.

That one suggestion to let it out on a boat and then reel it in might be a good suggestion, because if you are knotting up every other cast would be horrible, and you might have got a big twist in there somewhere.

The fluorocarbon line that I really like is Pline, however I do feel that the 100% is much better than the floro-coated blends. If I am not feeling like a big spender the floroclear by pline is good, but the hybrid yozouri blend works fine and is inexpensive.

Monofilliment is a good blend on top water as it adds buoyancy.

Have a great trip to Gettysburg.

for topwater you should be using mono, most topwater baits have small trebles, and braid and small trebles dont't mix. You need the stretch mono offers to keep from pulling those little hooks out of the fish. Don't use a swivel and tie your line directly to the split ring- if there is no split ring add one. Braid should only be used in bass fishing for certain applications like on your frogin rod or any other rig where you will have to pull bass out of thick vegetation. other wise use mono and flourocarbon.
You are not alone Louie! I hope I can help. I own and operate a fishing lodge and I am out every day putting people onto big fish. We do a lot of pike hunting in the spring. In other-wards not casting until we see the fish we choose. One of the most aggravating thing for my clients/friends, is when they see the fish of their life time and then they cast to it all they receive for their trouble is a pile of knots while they watch the trophy swim away. This happens more often with bait-casters because they forget to thumb the spool in the heat of the moment.

With spin cast, I have one question for you. When you hold the line and open the bail do you hold the line tight to the rod shaft. If so the line has a chance to go slack between you finger and the reel. This will cause you many knots and head-aches because it allows the twist memory to transfer to the slack line between your finger and the reel which in turn pulls a bunch of line off the spool. Try to get in the habit of just holding the line with your finger above the spool,not pressing the line into the cork. It allows for a shorter movement upon release plus always keeps a tight line between the reel and Lure.

No matter what you will get some knots in any type of line mono or braid. Not to plug any line but I have tried them all on my equipment that gets used by novice and pro. I personally use FireLine Original Fused 20 pound in a smoke color. it does not have the twist effect of regular braid. Also comes in a 1100 yard spool, so less wastage. I fish it day in day out for the entire summer. Not a knot. I load the spool to about 1/8" below the reel so I can remove any frayed or fluffed line that develops on the end 8 feet after a lot of casting. I have yet to lose a fish at the fault of the line and I catch many 30 pound lakers and 48 inch Pike..

Hope this helps, Let me know. "keep a tight line" for no knots.

hey stretch, that is great advice, thanks a lot. Now that i think about it, i do hold the line against the rod right before i cast. i never thought that would affect the line. i will definitely try your technique. I am hoping to go fishing this weekend in Gettysburg for some trout/smallies. It seems to happen a lot when i use light lures with a lot of topwater action. I really hope i am successful. My smallmouth rod has braid and my trout rod has fluorocarbon. I dont have any serious problems with my trout rod, and hopefully my light topwater lures wont cause a headache with the smallies. thanks for the info. Louie
That is Berkely Fusion Original 20 pound / 8 pound diameter. Don't know about Spider's fusion.
Maybe you should have read the MRC maintenance card better. Make sure you follow all the right tag-out procedures.

I agree with you on switching to fluoro on one rod to try it out. I don't know what it is with you and fishing line. If it isn't your fusion line, its your braid. Ha. I guess it all boils down to who is better at fishing, and that would be yours truly. Ill get you a Ross shirt when I can.


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