OK, so I have been fishing since a young boy like most people on here, and I have grown into an average angler in my opinion. Im not a tournament angler, but i do think of myself as one who has the basics pretty much figured out.

I have ended up with quite a collection of lures, rods, reels etc, and I like to invest in nice equipment, However, since i started with braided line on my spinning reels I have had a huge problem...Knots! not tying the lure on, but knots in my line when i cast.

My buddy who i fish with uses pretty much the same line and same gear as i do and we cant figure out why my line knots up so frequently and his does not. I spool the line the correct way, and i do maintenance regularly on my gear.

After a few cast i try to whip my lure out there on a cast and boom...im either reeling in a big old knot in the middle of my line, or my lure flies off into the abyss because the line breaks. (15-30 lb braid shouldnt break like that)! I never use old braid and i change my line frequently.

Im thinking about switching to fluorocarbon but im not sure. Does anyone have this problem and does anyone have any advice?? It gets frustrating always getting knots out of my line every other cast. My baitcasting reels DO NOT have this problem. any suggestions?

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you know what....i have no words! just remember who won the classic the last time we went fishing! ME!
Wasnt much of a classic anyway, 9 inches. But I did catch a snake by its lip, with a spinnerbait, four feet from the canoe! Count it....
Stretch's advice is sound listen to him! letting a slack line out from the boat really works, i've done it often! Did you make sure the line was put on the spool under tension? i always get the misses to help with spooling up, i put the spool on a wooden spoon or pencil and my girlfriend holds it using oven mits (the friction creates a fair amount of heat) to keep pressure on the spool so the line goes onto the reel under some tension, if its put on properly you'll get much less problems later on. if its put on slack its gonna fall off the spool and cause knots/birdsnests.

One thing that hasn't been mentioned is the importance of a mono backing. It is ESSENTIAL to have a backing of mono or fluro, just enough to cover the spool under braided line. without this the braid will tighten up on itself and cause you a billion problems. (i'm talking spinning reels here, i have no experience with baitcasters).

When casting with a spinning reel if you feather your casts it will keep your line tight and eradicte problems. By feathering i mean after you have cast and the line is coming off the reel just gently use your index finger to very subtly 'stroke' the top edge of the spool as the line is peeling off. i believe this stops more than one spool's worth of line coming off at any one time. (i think i did a pretty bad job of explaing this, maybe google the term feathering for diagrams or vids, theres bound to be some)

As for brands i like suffix performance braid best. for fluro carbon to fill an entire spool its not wise to buy the expensive stuff! i love bass pro home brand fluro. i use it more than any other line, i've caught countless fish with it and don't have a single bad word to say about it. it is sooo much cheaper than the competition. Just remember that all fluro carbon sinks like a brick and is no good for surface fishing!
I used to have this problem alot but not anymore. Here are some tips to help:
1. Get some Stren superbraid instead of power pro. It happens ALOT less than it used to with power pro.(30-40lb)
2. Make sure you have a good spinning reel. Any decent-upper level shimano.
3. Don't overspool your reel.
4.Make sure you manually place the line instead of just flipping the bail with the handle after you cast. Helps ALOT
5.Tie a double polymer knot. Its very strong and you won't break them very often.
Hope this helps. I fish mainly with braid and I never get knots anymore by following these simple steps.
I don't use the braided kind myself, but I had a similiar problem with my mono and it was the tiniest little burr on the edge of my reel! i had to use my mini dremel to get rid of it and now I don't have that problem - good luck
If you are bass fishing with say lighter 3/8 spinners and med diving cranks or on med spin gear you shouldnt need more than 10 lb fire line, it casts a mile, and you can pull hogs out of the thickest pads, why 15-30 lb? if you are fishing that heavy lures or cover keep that heavy stuff on baitcaster. Flouro is nice since it is more invisible and much less stretch good for finesse

a few things I noticed is spinning gear really tangles when fishing a stop and go retrieve even when fishing weightless sinkos, sluggo types and small jerks and when casting into wind.

Try a bearing snap swivel to attach lures to, i never use them but my dad does and he sometimes out fishes me, so i dont think they make much a difference especially in stained or muddy water.

Use a flouro leader using easy double uni knot, no more than a few feet or it will catch on guides slowing cast, use leader for finnese.

flouro is a good choice by its self but dont go more than 8lb on 200 size spinning real or it will be too stiff and fluff of real bad into birdsnest. If you can use 6lb then better. Remember its sinks and is better in clear water and good on crank bait bait casters in heavier test i use 12lb for deep cranks.

Good luck!
Is there a possibility that your knot is slipping rather than your line breaking? Are you closing your bail "manually" and not just letting it close on its own as you begin to reel? Have you tried fishing braid on another spinning reel to see if you still are having this problem?
Wow, 15-30 lbs? Out here in Colorado, thats' alot. I don't know if your ocean fishing so maybe this doesn't help, but have you tried a lighter line? Most 8 pound braided is as tough as some 15 pound mono lines.
By the way, I went through that too, except mine liked to wrap around the tip of the pole too. Seemed like the trick was the exact right resistance when spooling it on. Not a ton of resistance but not loose either...at least it seemed to work for me. I didn't have a single loop in my reel my entire last trip out, which was impressive for me. It also seemed like ultra-lights gave me more problems with that, but my light action Pflueger works great with 8 pound braided.
with my jigs and texas rigs i like to go with heavier line not because of lunker bass per se, but because of the heave weed cover and pads i deal with at my local lake. sometimes i get a bass caught up in the weeds and need hefty line to really help me pull them out of the hydrilla.


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