I'm just wondering about the diversity of the types of people here on GetREELed.com. What do you do when you're not fishing?

I'm an aquaculture technician at a salmon hatchery in New Brunswick. No surprise there.

I also have a few fish tanks with goldfish and tropical fish. No surprise there.

I have a B.Sc. in Environmental Biology from Memorial University of Newfoundland. Go figure.

I have devoted a large part of my life in the interests of fish, but I have no doubt that there are people around who do other interesting things, as well as some couch potatoes - I fit smoothly into both categories haha.

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During the day I am a stay at home dad...and at night I fight crime dressed as a fish... LOOK up in the sky its a bird its a plane its FISH MAN!!!
No seriously I am a stay at home dad. For more then two years now do to nerve damage in both arms. I was a plumber and I built boilers for high end houses 7,000 sq ft plus houses...Working with 2 ft pipe wrenches all day every day burned out the nerves in my arms and they would go numb. I have had five surgeries so far and looking at at least three more. Even after all the work is done on my arms I may not be able to go back to it...

I have the same scars on both arms brother. I can still cast any bait anyone puts in front of me! LOL! I have had some loss of sensitivity, but there shouldn't be anything prohibitting a return to reasonable work. My doctor/surgeon said a return to what I was doing that caused the problem would be goofy, in that the problem could reoccur. My company wouldn't provide work within my restrictions, so I took advantage of the dislocated workers program in my state, went back to college and couldn't be happier.
I'm again gainfully employed and doing something I enjoy fully! Good luck!
I am a field engineer with Baker Hughes INTEQ. I specialize in MWD/LWD and formation evaluation. In simpler terms I work on drilling rigs and watch TV or movies for 50% of the time. I have a BS in Mechanical Eng from LA Tech and I am currently enrolling in an online program from Texas A&M for a Masters in Petroleum Eng. If you are more interested in the details just ask.

I am far from a couch potato. My job is day to day. One day maybe in the office at Lafayette, LA, and by that evening might be 120 miles off the coast of LA on a rig. Sometimes I am busy for 6 weeks at a time, but sometimes I am off for long periods. I have been off currently for three weeks, and will be off for another week.
I'm a finance major at Northern Illinois University. Just finished up my last final of the semester today. 5 down, 3 to go. I have been "groomed" to take over a family run personal and small business investment firm, so I'll probably take that over once I graduate. I'd also like to get my M.B.A. eventually.
I'm a Geography major at the University of Wyoming, and I work for the University tansit and parking service as a parking nazi. Pretty much everyone hates us. I hate college though, and If I had a better option I would probably take it.

I workout a lot. It's at the top my to-do list every day, and comes before studying. I also read a lot when I can.

That's about it though...pretty exciting.
im a commercial fisherman in the summer, and in the winter months i directional drill in the alberta oil patch

currently a cashier at a hardware store, also companion aid work, sculpt clay tiles, take pics, make cards-
used to lay block, managed copy centers, landscape laborer, waitress, bartender;
went to college to study painting. should have studied fish.

to busy to a couch potato
landscaper and part time firefighter
I am a exectuive chef and a legend in my own mind bass pro when time allows. I am also an obsessive tinkerer I like to work in my shop and build and make things. I recently completed building my boat about a year ago ( see pic on home my page ) and about to start building another one. With a wife and two kids I would never be able to afford a boat payment so I decided that I would just build them and have found that it was a lot of fun and got so much pride out of it when people stop me and ask what kind of boat that is and I would tell them I built it from scratch! Also I like to weld and have a very small welding shop in the back yard.
LMASO! almost fell outta my chair! LOL!
you are a "fishing freak"...lol
I'm an industrial electrician working my way through a 4 year apprenticeship. Its tough work, but its worth it and I enjoy being outside and interacting with different people, rather than being stuck behind a desk in a cubicle or in a factory.


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