I'm just wondering about the diversity of the types of people here on GetREELed.com. What do you do when you're not fishing?

I'm an aquaculture technician at a salmon hatchery in New Brunswick. No surprise there.

I also have a few fish tanks with goldfish and tropical fish. No surprise there.

I have a B.Sc. in Environmental Biology from Memorial University of Newfoundland. Go figure.

I have devoted a large part of my life in the interests of fish, but I have no doubt that there are people around who do other interesting things, as well as some couch potatoes - I fit smoothly into both categories haha.

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usually im a timber faller in western montana as well as tree trimmer, but lately i collect an unemployment check like alot of us around here. so i guess that makes me a semi pro fisherman waiting for sponsers.
I work in the school system specificaly with special needs children.a very rewarding job!!!Many of them love my fishing stories(especially the boys with ADHD),LOL!!I have aquariums as well with a beautiful Oscar who loves attention,this was the nicest discussion topic I've seen for a while!!!Thanks!

I am a student and very avid fisherman. I am currently studying environmental technology, and plan on mastering  (M.S). in fisheries/wildlife. My goal is to become a fisheries biologist. All I do is school, fish, fish and school. Oh, I hang out with friends and spend a lot of time exploring the great outdoors as well. I currently do not have fish tanks, but have had a lot of tropical fish, including two nano-reefs I built last year.

My goal in life is to improve fish populations, as well as improve on the size of fish being caught. Also, to protect the environment one idiot at a time, while at the same time enjoying everything I love.

My home state is Michigan, and would love to work, live and fish  there forever. Besides the necessary trips to fish the oceans :)

Im a horticultural specialist for a commerical vegetable company. graduated from Penn State Univ. Agricultural science with minors in Agronomy and horticulture

I am in the concrete construction business and do a little mechanical work on the side every now and then.

I am a truck driver. I love that my career allows me to see the country and fish where ever and when ever I can pull the trcuk over. I am always looking for a new place to fish during my travels. If anyone has a spot drop me a line and lets go fishing! 

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