Every so often when I go fishing I come up with these sheephead fish... What good are they? I have been told they are not good to eat??

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I am not sure that you have the proper name for the fish shown. I good way to tell if it is really a sheep head is to look at the teeth. A sheep head will have human-like teeth that are similar to the incisors. Also the fins will have long sharp spikes and are mostly caught in saline water. If indeed it is a sheephead fish they are all good to eat.
That's a damn freshwater drum.
NO its not i have caught 13 of thos this summer they are freaking sheep head i have just spent the last 3 hours doing research about them you would haveto be retarded to not see the differens
Hmm ok I was always told it was a sheephead but now when I looked up a picture of a sheephead clearly what I got was not a sheephead haha
whats a freshwater drum good for then haha.. It was fun to catch
Thanks much! Was alot of fun bringing in..They fight like champs.. Up here you can catch these things all day haha. The are alot of Carp, Catfish, Bass, Pickerel. At least thats all I have seen come out of the river thus far.. Last night we caught 4 different species of fish on Pickerel rigs. A good time for sure
Sheepshead/ freshwater drum are like carp they really aren't good for anything. I personally never put them back once they are caught, call me cruel but we have enough problems with water clarity so I figure I am doing my part.
fresh water drum are good eatin, to me and my family they taste as good as large mouth bass and crappie. but you gotta put them on ice almost right away or the meat will get mushy. I usally fillet the drum dip them in a lightly seasoned cornmeal and flour mixture and fry em up till a golden brown.
If you remove the mud vein they are good eating.
i was fishing with the misses and a couple of her buds and a chick caught one of these. It pulled pretty good! She wanted to keep it, she cooked it up and we all tried it. nobody would eat more than one bite, it was rank tough meat and tasted like mud, never again! i don't think even jamie oliver could make it taste good. it is called a freshwater drum and are commonly called sheepshead here in ontario, maybe saltwater drum is also called sheepshead and maybe they are good eating? i don't know much about north american saltwater.
LOL dank smell. Well now I have a better idea about them and I know not to think of eating them. They sure are fun to catch though and there are plenty of them up here.
Now the pickerel are staring to show up so I can go back to what I normally fish for and eat. They came late this year, they are normally here in mid may. I was talkin to a buddy and he said the water temp was 10 degrees lower this year than last year at this time. Pickerel are pretty finicky fish.
Thanks for the research Patrick now we are all a bit smarter.
Hi BigDog,

Those are freshwater Drum also know as "sheepshead" They are really good for your garden! They make excellent fertilizer. Seriously!! All my vegetables in the garden have always been bigger and have produced more veggies than anyone else's garden I know...

The followin' comments might make the faint of heart sick, so if you can't handle blood and guts don't read below. But if you can handle blood and guts then read on.... Read below..

In freshwater drum, they have calcified "stones" in their skulls. If you cut open the top of their heads by their brain, you will find these "stones" This experience has been going on with fishermen for hundreds of years. As the "tale" goes, you have to cut out your own "stones" from one fish, let them dry out and have them with you when you go fishing everytime.
It makes you a very lucky fisherman. They are called "LUCK STONES"

Good Luck Fishing!!!


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