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Heavy lily pads - you know as well as the rest of us that there's a monster bass or pike lurking below the cover. You've got only 5 casts to try and land a fish. What do you do?  

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Top water frog all the way. Would love to see a largie smash through the weeds and take one of the surface. Nothing more exciting than that. 

Any texas-rigged soft plastic would do the trick. Pull it across the top and let it sink in the pockets. Let the fish swallow it and then yank it out. Easy as pie.

I would walk a Yum Dinger Texas-Rigged over the weeds, working it where I can drop the worm into pockets of lilly pads. If there was no bite, I'd pull it out keep pulling it toward me and continue dropping it into pockets. No need to reinvent the wheel.

I would fish a live minnow on a slip bobber in the pockets.  Depending upon where this spot is in the country, you could catch just about ANYTHING there.

I would have to get out my dobyns 805 flippin stick spolrd with hi seas 50# braid and net bait pocket crew in june bug then hang on. Or use my devel horse on the out side edge

Twitch a topwater frog across the pads!!

Spro frog but it is a tough choice since you only have 5 casts.

I would use one of my own high float texas tubes with a 1/16ounce weight for a slow fall in the pockets


Def would fish frog or fluke, then flip or pitch a jig between the pads!! Love this kind of fishing!

Two things, frog across the top, and a weightless senko dropped between them and jerked around. This has always worked for me in north Florida.

Normally I would work it with a Frog first on top ...then if I miss fish or no reaction I go to a Senko rigged texas style and put it on the pads first. The Largies like to know the senko off the pad by bumping it, always fun times. Remember always work the outside first then work further back as the fish tend to pull back further into the back of the pads (or the center if in a the middle of a group of pads).

Another fun one is taking a tube jig and stuffing a packing peanut in to make it float. Rig it Texas style with no weight. Lots of fun in front of the pads and on top, but you can throw a small worm weight pegged 8 to 12" in front and get the effect of having it drop to the bottom and spiral back up. This brings them out of the cover to smash it.

start with a frog or a rage shad, then refish it by flipping the pockets with a texas rigged craw or creature.


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