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So how would you fish this spot? Water is between 1 and 5 feet deep and warm, approaching 80 degrees.

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As always, plastic stick bait. Either texas or whacky rigged. This is perfect for soft plastics.

1 rod with a texas rigged Beaver, 1 rod with a Frog, 1 Rod with a Senko and 1 Rod with a spinnerbait.

Oh my!  1st I would watch for alligators and large snakes that might crawl into my kayak.  Then I believe anything you would throw in the water here would catch fish.  What an awesome place.  Our planet is a wonderful place for the fisherman.  If you couldn't catch fish in this spot, you should just give up.  There's no need to go into any special bait or technique.  This is an awesome spot, period!  But, can I say FROG!  My Koppers Live Action Frog would have a ball here.  And, Flipin' and Pitchin' about anything.

plastic worm, slug-go and then frog. I think i would look for deeper water.

crank or spinner a worm or drop shot around the trees

Popper and a prop bait.

what would i do. well, what wouldnt i do


Would throw top water, probably a scum frog across the pads, would also work a texas rigged worm along the cypress trees, flip a jig around the trees too!!! Plastics the best way to fish!!

Inverted hooked, weedless leopard frog top popper!  Can't get stuck on anything, and I guarantee in the first cast a hit.  This thing is great for small and large.

Nice first make sure I was locked and loaded for gators and snakes.then my bronze eye frogs maybe the pumpkin. Then maybe some pearl white super fluke weightless
Where is this? Looks awesome. I live in Nh. And it was 30 degrees this am.really like this idea. Great idea

depends on where this honey hole is .. warm weather state i would case it out with a spinnerbait or crankbait ..then slow it down a bit with texas rigged worm or jig and pig after i found a few on the faster baits ...  looks nice !!!! a little john boat looks perfect in there ,,,along with my S&W .45 cal 1911 ..just in case the gators are hungry


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