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You all seem to approach each spot so differently. Here's the 3rd spot in this series. What would you do?

So how would you fish this spot? The lake is about 5 feet deep and approaching the freezing point. Species in this lake include, Smallmouth Bass, Largemouth Bass, Rainbow Trout and the odd Perch.

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jig a minnow

I'd leave.

Little spinner, fly fishing, maybe a bobber with a nightcrawler

flash for trout

without the option of deeper water, where the option would be a blade bait . I would target the smallmouth with a keitech swing impact bait Texas rigged on an owner ultrahead finesse ball head in a male perch color or another color close to the baitfish there swimming it slow and dropping it to the bottom as if its dying off. Secondary option a keitech spider

( because I still have some ) or a small hair jig popping it once it hits the bottom . This is also a great yellow perch lure. 

If I did go jerk bait I'd match the perch or trout color and it;d be a suspending jerk bait , fished sloooow , jerked slow and paused on the retrieve .


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