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Ready for some late fall river fishing? 

We're targeting bass, salmon and trout. It's early morning with some fog on the water. What would you do?

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Believe it or not, contrary to what many might think, I'd still try for largemouth along the shore where there's structure. Like a downed tree. It might not be as productive as earlier in the fall, but if I fish it slow and patient with throwing a senko or any other soft plastic and fish it slow I'd pull out a monster bass. 

For trout, I'd love to get out there  and do a little fly fishing.

First, pinch myself to make sure I was still alive and not standing at the pearly gates after viewing this scene. Then I'd try some spinners first before making a complete fool of myself with a fly rod!

First I would check depth chart and find a hole. Start with a soft plastic on the edge and let it slowly go down, jigging the whole way. 

I agree with Davis.  I would work some plastics, top-water, or spoons.  SLOWLY!!!!

Start with a Zoom horny toad and popper early in the morning. Move on to a Red Eye shad in the afternoon and finally end up with a Kicker Bait Fish Bubble Fry Carolina-rigged. -Just one more cast

Every Inch by inch...

thats just heven what ever u put in their should work

For the bass I'd go with superfluke and crank baits depending on depth and clarity of water tofiqure what colors and size.the trout some rooster tails and a goldfish ( gold) and moose lick wobbler 2 1/2" -3 1/2 (copper) that will take care of salmon as well.then sit back in awe of such a beautiful place

a standard dry fly on 4lb test with a six foot leader attached to a bubble on a light action spinning rod would produce some fantastic results... i cant sling a fly rod to save my life but fly and bubble works great too...

then if that failed i would try a spoon/fly like an uncle josh they are cheap but effective for big streams and shallow rivers.....

This early morning river screams Pop-R to me.  If not the trusty wacky rigged senco, or swimming a grub.

firstly id use a wakebait and target each aspect of the river separately, rapids, eddys, current edge and breaks, then id switch to a jerkbait or fluke and target the same areas, finally id use a hair jig to work the bottom. 

bright jighead worm


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