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A nice largemouth buried in some underwater tree structure. What would you do? 

The scenario is fall and the water temperature is starting to fall quickly. Think early October.

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Definitely drop a whacky-rigged senko and let that sucker slurp it up....then yank him out of there quickly. Definitely use a heavy braided line in case he takes me deeper into the crap. 

My thoughts too, bubblegum pink senko or the orange/pink Lunkerbait senko.

Either that or a small spinner with a white twister tail on it.

Soft plastic or maybe a pitching jig. Looks messy. Gotta get him out quick.

I'd say anything texas-rigged so it can fall right in there. Slowly twitch it off the bottom. 

def a plastic worm, lizzard, or drop shot

Fish a weightless senko Texas rigged...Followed by a square bill crank!

Weightless 10-12" red shad worm Weedless.

Nobody has mentioned weedless.  I'd definately go weedless presentation.

A Strike King Z Too Super fluke on a KVD Mustad Gripper Pin hook. Fished weightless and drop it in and let it fall.


I would go with Texas rigged auger tail worm (junebug or purple ) .but I think I'd try some topwater stuff to get him out of there .rebel popper?

That is definitely a Denny Brauer jig and ultra vibe chunk in black/blue scene :) Short pitches in tha thick stuff and hold on tight and get ready to cross his eyes! Nothing wrong with walking a white or black SPRO Bronzeye Popper or Zoom horny toad either in white or black and pull em' out one by one :)

weedless fluke


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