Mine is a Largemouth Bass but i go for other fish like smallmouth, blugill, and stripers.

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Give me the smallies. I love pulling up footballs out of the net.
My favorite right now is stripers...but I was raised on Largemouths and Smallmouths. Me and my sisters love to fight with the stripers getting them in the boat!
TARPON! if you have ever hooked one you will know why
Wow! Nobody here has a preference for brook trout!? There's nothing like walking the riverbank with a fly rod in hand and and every bit of spare space in the vest crammed with beer.

So they're not the hardest fighters in the world nor are they non-stop action. They are certainly one of the best tasting fish you're going to catch. And when you get home with a few to put in the frying pan, you know you had a good time fishing because you ourwitted some wary fish that don't indiscriminately suck in anything that moves.

Sure, I'll go for bass and pickerel when circumstances permit, but for a favorite, give me the good old brookies. You guys can have the big lunkers. That leaves more trout for me lol.
You got a point. The experience of fishing for brookies is hard to beat. The fish itself is no big thrill to catch. I make a point to go wading for brookies at least once a year. I use an ultralight spinning outfit though. Fly fishing is just too damned hard!

Yeah but after a few beer you don't care lol. Ultralight fishing is fun too. You can walk through the woods with them easier and fish in more closed-in spaces while following a small brook. For open areas, though, I like my fly rod.
Amen brudda.
my favorite fish to catch is a northeren pike they are really fun exspecialy when the hit buzzbaits best experince i ever had fishing
Mr. Bucketmouth! Still.
If im saltwater fishing I love to fish for redfish, or flounder. Flounder put up a really good fight. If im in the mood for beauty ill fish for speckled trout. When im fly fishing in freshwater I enjoy fly fishing for hand sized largemouths. I also like to try fly fishing for carp, even though i havnt caught one yet, i havnt even caught a carp regular fishing. When im in the mood for an easy fish to catch and an ok fight, i like to fish for catfish. When im in Detroit, Michigan on lake St.Claire, i like to reel in smallmouths or rock bass. I would like to try to catch a big salmon or brown trout in Michigan.

A great article on live bait for largemouth bass.
Absolutely, without a doubt, my favorite fish to catch is Northern Pike!! I really enjoy the fight that they give to the angler and the skill it takes to bring the big ones in without tiring out or snapping the line. Also, what is really great, is when you actually can see the fish take your lure. Pike are great for this type of action because they follow the lure right up until you pull it out of the water, and if you know that one is following, you can move your rod tip in an S shape and most of the time...the fish will strike and you can actually see the action. Its amazing. I mean, I really love all types of fishing...but there is just something about those Pike :)


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