Mine is a Largemouth Bass but i go for other fish like smallmouth, blugill, and stripers.

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I like retarded fish they go right for the hook..
I'm no 1 trick pony, i change my target species often, starting in jan-march i'm on the ice (eyes, lakers, perch, pike, pan fish), as the ice melts its time for carp until the spring steelhead run starts in the rivers, then it's back to carp until bass opener, bass and pike all summer long (with some carping in there too) up until sept when the salmon run starts, i'll alternate salmon fishing at night with bass and pike in the day as they are chowin down for winter (i'll be after musky next yr too). then i continue with the bass and pike until dec 1st when the legal season is over. now is the boring time of yr from dec-jan while i'm waiting for freeze up, time is not wasted tho it gives me a chance to clean reels, sort out plastics, clean out tackle boxes and change trebles on lures and do all the other prep i need to get me through next season. i'll target whatever is in the water in whatever way i need to get to them whenever i can, you know the score, HARDCORE!!!! oh and my favorite fish to catch is the biggest!
Largemouth and Smallmouth are my favorite. But, I do have a weakness for saltwater flats fishing...love the Bones, Tarpon, and Permit.

Sean you obviously like REAL fishing
Smallmouth are my favorite, right behind them Largemouth!
Peacock Bass is my favorite but a large bass or snook is a close second.
Peacock Bass are my favorite by far
Hands down for me its the muskie, the adrenaline rush they give is amazing and they aren't the easiest fish to catch, the challenge is nice.
I have been fishing for strictly largemouth for around eighteen years now. My dad had a baitcaster in my hands since I was able to hold one. I am obsessed with shotgun takeoffs at bass tournaments, 75 mph bass boat rides, and watching at the scales as the leader and nervously pacing around hoping no one brings in a bigger sack. However, my favorite species to fish for is redfish. There is nothing (in Louisiana) like tying up with a bull red in two feet of water with light spinning gear. They are aggressive, strong, and plentiful in the marshes of south LA. Next year, I am planning on trying tarpon or peacock bass in south Florida.
Smallmouth bass and walleye
Mr. Bucketmouth
Depends on who I'm fishing with really, if I'm by myself it's Smallies. But if I'm in the company of kids I'd rather go for panfish/spots where I know we'll catch fish to keep them interested.


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