Perhaps I am an iddiot, but I spent most of my life fishing for trout in every river and stream I could possibly get too, from the Western and Eastern Sierras, even in little bitty creeks like Trabucco in southern california, but why is it that after a stocking program made of rainbow trout for more than 50 years, now there is a lawsuit because an environmental report was not done when the program began. Why is it that certain rivers are being excluded from that lawsuit, such as rivers in the Eastern Sierra, while in the Western Sierra they are not stocking trout or allowing locals to purchase trout to be stocked. This is insane. The only trout that was indigneous to our waters are the Golden Trout, and most of our waters are so pollutated now, that we couldn't even sustain a native fish like that, unless we hiked to 6000 feet in the Sierras, and even most of them are stocked, flown in and dumped as fingerlings. Is is me or why the heck are we paying for a freshwater fishing liscense in California, when the waters I am fishing are no longer being stocked, and the Fish and Game is doing nothing to enhance or secure these waters. Why not charge a use tax, on water ways that we do fish. I am tired of this. Anyone have any thoughts, or am I the only person in California that has noticed that local economies are bad enough without losing fisherman in the Sierras, because they will not allow a fish that has been present for more than a hundred years to continue to be placed in our rivers and streams... stupidity. You can not unring a bell once it has been rung. These fish are not going anywhere. Sorry about the weird frog or whatever was eaten by these fish, and perhaps Fish and Game can create Hatcheries for the frogs that were eaten by the trout, but enough is enough.

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