...that's a No-No to me, and I've learned that over the years but up to now, I can't understand and explain why fish during the full moon tend to be shy. Yes, I have tried and experimented, made comparisons of the dates and time the moon is full, half, quarter, etc.. , the fish just don't bite during full moon..., any other time, is ok...has anyone out there experienced this phenomenon before?..if so, please enlighten my wondering mind... Comments, suggestions, etc....please share with us. Thanks!

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I think it depends on what species you are after, i've heard conflicting advice that a full moon is best for certain species. As to answers on why this would be, well its a tough one to answer, maybe the amount of light is important.....if the fish you are after are more shy on a full moon, then maybe its because there is so much more light in the water and the fish are not as safe out in open water than on a darker night where they can't be seen so easilly by preditors. Also the time of moonrise / set can play an important role, maybe its a full moon but the moon will not rise till 5am, all the time before it comes up the light would be the same as on a new moon night. There is also the affects of water and gravity to work out, the pull of the moon on water is enough to create all of our tides here on planet earth. humans are 2 thirds water and this has a well documented effect on us (if you have any pyc nurse friends, ask them how busy they are on a full moon!) this must have a huge effect on fish too, sorry tho i have no idea how! food for thought none the less...
there is only one exsplanation in my book if your fishing with shrimp the shrimp burry in the sand on afull moon to hide from predators my suggestion would be try flashy artifishal spoon ect.
The full moon is a real plus for bream fishing in the months of April, May, June, July and sometimes August here in TN. They go on the bed then and will be stacked in there. Throw a cricket in and they'll bite. Bream is the only species I know for sure are affected by the full moon.


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