Are scented soft plastics really that much better than unscented?

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yeah they really are i would buy rubber jigs that are scented with YUM! rather than unscented rubber jigs. What im saying is scented works better! So good luck and hope that helped!
Oh yeah, scented all the way, unless you wanna be out there all day - LOL!
If I buy a bait that is unsented I dip it in a garlic sent that you can buy from Wal-Mart.
I Make My Own Garlic Scent Rather Than Buy It, It Simple And Effective. I Mix Vegetable Oil And Freshly Crush Garlic In A Mason Jar Twist On The Lid And Let It Sit For A Week Then When It's Time Dip Your Lure In And Cast,Why Buy When You Can Make. I'm Also Experimenting With Coffee Grounds and Coffee Because Some Of Those Coffee Scented Lures Are Expensive I've Been Soaking White Plastic Worms in Strong Coffee For months And I Can't Wait To Use Them. I'll Let You Guys Know How It Goes In A Few Weeks When We Head Out For Fall Fishing.
I Prefer Scents Over Non Scented Baits. I Like The Slow Release Scents Because I Like Working The Lure Nice And Slow It Seems To Help Draw The Fish To You.
depends on wat ur after trout yes bass no and also the lure jigs no jerkbaits and of the catagory yes an it also depends on where the fish are if there right in one spot or if there scatterd all over the place


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