i wanna know everyones favorite tactic for big catfish

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Nice Cat!
head out to the lake with 7 to 8 foot down rigger trolling rods with 20 lb trilene on abu garcia 5600 bait casting reels baited with a minnow, cut bait, small bluegill or pearch what ever is handy toss em out as far as you can set the clickers on the reels (make sure there in a good rod holder or your rod could dissapear really fast) and sit around the camp fire and knock back a few brews and wait for one to start runnin
to be honest while its fun boating a large one, I'd much rather get the 1-3# great tender eating size. the big ones are so tough to chew. Pat
I agree with you Pat the 1-3# ones are great for eating. But i love the big cats for fun. As for favorite bait, whole shad or as cut bait.
love catching the big ones also and shrimp seems to work the best here in North Carolina. I leave it out for a couple days so it gets real ripe and it drives the cats wild. It also keeps others from bothering you while you fish.


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