After reading the discussion about fishing on a full moon, it got me to thinking about other natural phenomena. I've found through experience that it's pretty much pointless to fish when the wind is coming out of the east, or at least to try for brook trout and landlocked Atlantic salmon anyway.

I can't imagine fish knowing which way the wind is coming from, but I've heard a theory that might explain it. An easterly wind generally is associated with bad weather, and the actual reason may be the change in barometric pressure exerting an influence on the water. As the saying goes in the mathematical field of statistics, "correlation is not causation, but it is connection".

Has anyone else noticed this, or anything related? I'm interested in other peoples' experiences with this.

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Yea, have you never heard the saying, wind from the east fish bite least, wind from the west fish bite best.? i can't fully explain it but it all comes down to barrometric pressure, i'm always more stoked when i check the weather for a fishing day and find we are in for a west wind. the weird thing tho is that this still holds true in the hard water season, kinda crazy that they still know even in 100ft of water with 18" of solid ice on top.
Can't say I've heard that saying. When I see an easterly wind on the forecast, I just find something else to do that day.

Weird though, that hatchery fish aren't affected by it. Can't understand that one.
I'll still fish with an easterly, other factors inluence thier moods too, i'm not expecting my best day ever but i will still catch!

When you talk about hatchery fish i'm presuming that you mean the ones still in thier tanks, not the ones released and swimming free? and as to why, i guess they are just not able to be inflenced by natural process, i mean a tank fish will have an airator falsely influencing wind direction etc, electric lights cutting them off from lunar cycles, sunrise etc?
When they're fry the're inside an enclosed building, but in the larger 10 meter rearing tanks they are in a greenhouse-type setup. Out here they are more exposed to the elements, including natural light cycles, except for precipitation and temperature, which is controlled. The water flow, as you say is controlled, but it's their nature to swim upstream anyway.

I guess if I looked into it around the web I might find stuff on it, but I couldn't imagine it being a highly researched subject lol.


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