To all out there. I am a novice at trout fishing and could use all the help I can get.
Any tips from bait to tackle, please let me know.
I can be reached at
I would like to be able to pass on this info to my daughters, so that they can catch a fish or two.

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Use light tackel 4-6lb test MAX.. If you are fishing in lakes for stocked trout there are alot of tools to help you catch your limit and look like a pro. Corn worms, grubs and spinners all work great.but...the best and sure fire way to catch a few trout is to use Berkely Power Bait trout dough... I have found the yellow, beige or red dough to work best. I use a very small trebbel hook. If your fishing from shore I suggest using a small barell sinker along with a bb sinker. put the barell sinker 18+ inches above the hook, held at that height with the bb sinker. cast out and let sink to the bottom. Reel in the slack and wait. Now the trebbel hook should be covered with a ball of the Power Bait... Do not just grab the rod and set the hook the second it moves...Let it go for a few moments until the fish gets that hook real good like in his mouth. Now set the hook and have some fun. Before I forget.. Live minnows and dead salted minows are also some favorite trout bait. As the water gets warmer toward the summer the trout become more picky. Here is where the power bait really comes into play. Trout like colder water with 58 degrees being the most Ideal temp.. Anything warmer really gets them groggy.
Now if I'm fiashing a small stream, I still stick with 4lb test line and an ultra light pole. This is not the rule but personal preference. I use very little weight if any depending on the current and water temp. If the water is warmer than 58f I am going to have to look in holes and deeper water espically where the creek or river bends.. Wash outs under trees are favorite hiding spots for nice trout.. I usually use nothing bigger than a #6 hook in the streams and only if I'm using half of a night crawler. If I'm using meal worms, minnows or waxies I go smaller 10-12, even 14.. It is important to bring a few diffrent baits when fishing streams. Many times one will work better than others. My favorites are half of a night crawler, meal worms, wax worms, gold or silver spinners (small) Live minnows or salted minnows. I will cast up stream and keep my line taught as it floats down. Now I will see alot of guys take a cast or 2 and movw right on up stream to repeat this behavior. I found staying in place and covering the area very well produces more fish. When I do move up stream I move 10-20 ft at a time. If their are fish in there I will find them sooner or later. I work up the stream, I find this more productive and if I am wadding I find it easier to walk aginist the current. It provides better footing. If you are wading I suggest bringing a friend though this is a rule I somtimes break. I do not claim to be a pro but I have been trout fishing for over 30 years and have walked away with my limit from many a stream or lake while others sat without as much as a bite. any questions contact me at I have an 8 year old boy that I am teaching my secrets to now. There is nothing better than fishing with your kids. Good Luck. I know I was jumping around a bit so feel free to contact me. Trying your own tricks and trusting your instinct also play a big role in catching some fish..
A plain old spinner with a worm on a single hook works well for me. My favorite colours would have to be fluorescent orange or green.

In standing water a sinker would not be necessary unless you are trying to cast far, and if fishing in a current, add just enough weight to get it to sink slowly.

Trout like lots of cover, so fish around rocks and undercuts and beneath trees where they get their natural food and protection.

Hope that helped. Best of luck in the upcoming season,

if you are fishing for stream trout i have found spinners work great as well as a plain out worm and hook. i use 1/8 ounce spinners. i have found Wordens Rooster Tails to work well and they have a large selection of colors.
I use light spinning tackle. I rarely use live bait, powerbait or anything like that. I prefer spinners and spoons when fishing rivers or streams. My "go to" lure is a small silver spoon, but some bright colored spinners also produce for me. When fishing lakes I add crankbaits to the mix, but I just started this within the last couple years and am still getting the hang of it.


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