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Night shore fishing for big eyes
- First put a 1/2 - 3/4 ounce free sliding weight on your line with a swivel tied on next.
- Make a 2-3 foot leader with any standard hook of your choice, then add a small float about 1-2 feet above the hook depending on how high you want it suspended off the bottom, then tie a loop in the end of your leader and attach to the swivel.
- Cast out into the water once line has stopped place the pole in a pole holder and pull the line between two eyelets near the end of the pole until the line is tight and place a bobber on the line. When a fish bites the bobber will move up with the fish feeling no resistance and once its a big enough fish it will even pop the bobber off of the line. Set the hook and real in your catch
Sounds like you've read Lunkers Love Nightcrawlers. Pretty much the way I fish.


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