Hi all, I'm currently doing my due diligence in searching out the perfect kayak for me, except it's hard to form an opinion without knowing what each one's strong points and weak points are on the water.

I'd like to get a tandem, sit-on-top kayak, for those days I'll take a friend that doesn't have a kayak. I was really excited about Hobie's Mirage drive system for their line of kayaks, but suffered some serious sticker shock for their 2-person version.

Any comments or advice from those of you that have already blazed the trail and bought one? It'd be much appreciated!


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I'd say checkout this discussion topic. http://paddling.net/Reviews/Kayaks.html

If you are new to kayaks, here are some tips. http://outdoorsbest.zeroforum.com/zerothread?id=332543
Thanks Sam, that link was extremely helpful.

After narrowing down my list of choices, I finally decided to go with Malibu Kayaks' Mini-X. I worked out the deal with Dixie Kayaks here in Houston.

I'm pumped! My lady and I are going to try them out down in Rockport this Memorial Day weekend!

I hope to have some cool photos to upload of me, the yaks, and a stringer full of Reds!
I have 8 Wilderness Tarpon 120 the first kayak I bought was an Ocean Scrambler. Being it was my first kayak I didn't really know what was good or bad about it. After testing alot of kayaks I can tell you that I love my 120's. I run about 4 kayak charters a month and I know that my clients look at what equiptment I run. I have not had any gripes about those boats. They track well, easy to handle for all skill levels. I even get some clients that have fished out of the big boat for years trying the kayaks and finding them comfortable. Hope this helps..But remember its your boat and you need to meet your needs and your type of fishing so try as many as you can before you buy.!!!


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