What state and water way is your favorite place to hook up with smallmouth?

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I have only fished for Smallies In AZ and Utah.

1st Choice Roosevelt Lake.
2nd Apache Lake
3rd Black River (only because it is a long drive otherwise it would be a tie for first)

Only place I have fished and done any good is Lake Powell.
Erie, St. Clair, Sagniaw Bay, Burt and Mullett, need i say more.
Theres a stretch on the cocalico creek in PA thats loaded with smallies, and I have never seen anybody else fishing it because acces to it is pretty remote. I'll typically catch 12-17 smallies a day all decent size, not huge tho.
Im from Wisconsin and I fish The Mississippi River a lot. Wing dams, points with a lot of current and day markers work best.
niagra river smallies up to 6 lbs, sometimes 40 plus in a day.
Crow Rock Lodge, on Lake of The Woods, Kenora,Ont,Canada centerally located 18 miles from Kenora.
In addition to fishing the main lake they have access to 7 portage lakes full of bass..(crow rock.com) is web site, been fishing there for 7 seasons now, Check it out.....A bad day in these portage lakes would average 40 fish a day,an average day 75-80 and a great day would be100+ lots of average days......jig & leech, top water..........
Quetico Park, Canadian Boundary Waters... hands down!!!
I have a new favorite! It is the Wisconsin River around Tomahawk, WI. Some of the biggest Smallies you've ever seen get taken out of there. Excellent Fishery!

Lake Erie - Especially in the Canadian waters around Pelee Island
Dupage and the Fox Rivers in Illinois
I live in northern Illinois and fish the Kishwaukee River, one of Illinois three class "A" rivers.


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