What is your favorite color and lure for smallmouth?

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It's been a long time since I've hooked a smallie, but I always had really good luck using a Fire-Tiger Rat-L-Trap below a dam on the St.Croix River in Wisconsin.
I've tended to have better luck with natural colored baits (crayfish) and use senkos often. But when the conditions allow there is nothing like catching smallies on the surface using a Heddon Torpedo or Spit'n'image.
hi, just signed in. My favorite lure is the X10, X - rap and my favorite colour is purple ghost or olive green
then a 5"grub any natural colour. if I'm trying to find active bass, on Lake of The Woods and yes if your heart does'nt stop on a top water strike, then your already dead....
I fish mostly soft baits for smallies. My favorite color is the one they are biting that day. Actually, water clarity has a lot to do with it. I fish more sinkos and I fish them about every way you can. I also use lots of grubs usually in darker colors. As for hard baits I fish jerk baits, top water, and cranks. My favorite cranks are shad raps, favorite jerk bait would be x-raps, and topwater would have to be pop-r.


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