December 2009 Fishing Blog Posts (23)

Bass Lures - the 5 Most Effective Bass Lures You Should Have in Your Tackle Box

Do you want to catch more bass? Here are the five most important bass lures to keep in your tackle box if you want to drastically improve your success rate and catch more bass.

1. The most effective bass lure you should include in your fishing tackle is the good old plastic worm. Plastic worms come in all sizes from 3 inch to the jumbo foot longs and in a multitude of colors. If you want to catch the big bass keep a few dozen different shapes, colors, and sizes in your… Continue

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Casting for Recovery

When surfing the net the other day for fishing articles, I came across an article about casting for recovery. Casting for Recovery is a national non-profit support and educational program for women who have or have had breast cancer. I was truly amazed. Most times anything fishing related is geared towards men. In addition, I was elated to read that Casing for Recovery offers retreats in the Delaware and New Jersey area. If you know anyone who might benefit from this group, please pass the… Continue

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I hear a couple of the guys at work talking about fishing/snagging spooners. What the hell is a spooner? I can't find anything on them.

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Get Paid to Fish! New Fishing Home Based Business Start Up Looking for Founder's

That's right, if you like to fish and get paid like the pro's, a new homed based business opportunity is looking for founders. Get a FREE 5 day, 6 night Alaska fishing vacation when you become a founder of great business opportunity.

Let’s Get Fishing is the Opportunity of a Lifetime that allows YOU to capitalize on the $125 Billion Fishing Industry combined with the $ 7 Trillion Travel Industry. With 40 Million Fisherman in the US,… Continue

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Winter Swimbait'n : deep water

For those fellow anglers that throw swimbaits all year around winter is no exception. As the bass go deeper in your favorite lake there are some simple cost effective methods to getting your baits deep without having to heavily modify a bait or spend excess cash on heavier baits.

The simple solution, hanging a bell weight on the bottom eyelet of a swimbait using an easy break free method, such as a rigged drop shot weight, light line, or breakaway split ring as explained beautifully… Continue

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I have to say, anglers are awesome...

So, I joined GetReeled to get to know anglers better for a class assignment on fishing social networking sites. (You can't make this stuff up!) But now that I'm a GetReeled girl, I have to say I'm really impressed with how friendly and helpful everyone is on this site. So, I figured I'd try to get a few responses on another survey I'm doing, this time for my job.…


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Economy Down, Fishing License Sales Up

I found this article interesting. It talks about the economy down and fishing license sales are up. I thought to myself, this is a no-brainer; why wouldn’t fishing license sales be up when the economy is down? – people will generally find things to do when they are out of work and need to put food on the table. One angler can catch a lot of fish for the small fee of a license vs. purchasing meat at a store. An angler can basically recover his license fee in a few trips. I would imagine… Continue

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Want to earn a passive income while you fish?

Check out The site will be launched in about a month and will have comprehensive information on secret fishing holes and techniques used by the pros. Don't spend $100 in a guide shop again without first figuring where and how you're going to fish. For a small charge you can get all the info you need in one place. WWW.FISHINGHOLE411.COM = Catch the big one!

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Ice fishing

So winter has fallen upon us and the -30 degree weather has subsided for a bit, I've been frantically buying ice fishing equipment this past fall and up to now. This year I'm doing the ice fishing, it'll be my first time hard water fishing so it's going to be a real learning experience for me. Going through my checklist I think everything has been checked off. Ice rods, lure, auger, tent, sled, warm clothing and a thermos for some hot chocolate/coffee. If anyone has tried ice fishing before any… Continue

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Fishing Poll

Here is an interesting pole that I found that I would like to share...what is your opinion?


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Seasons Greetings

"Wishing all my new friends at GetReeled every Happiness this Holiday Season and
Throughout the Coming Year"

from Sherri Russell, editor of She's So Fly

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The Power of Passion Earlier this week, I met up with a few long time friends to celebrate the holidays. We had a great time conversing about old experiences and laughter filled the room. It was so …

The Power of Passion

Earlier this week, I met up with a few long time friends to celebrate the holidays. We had a great time conversing about old experiences and laughter filled the room. It was so nice to see everyone. Sometimes I miss the old days because my life seemed so much simpler back then.

During my visit, I struck up a conversation with a very bright young man named Bryon. I was telling him about my plans for She’s So… Continue

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Fetha Styx Hosts eBay Auctions of True Hero Rods to Support Families of Slain Lakewood Police Officers

Late last month, Western Washington was forever shaken by the deaths of four Lakewood police officers.

Earlier this year, Fetha Styx, a fishing rod manufacturer, introduced their True Hero series—custom fishing rods with proceeds benefiting the families of fallen police and firefighters. The Fetha Styx-hosted eBay auctions will be for a gift certificate good for any True Hero fishing rod. There will be four auctions in total each lasting five days. All money raised will go to the… Continue

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Fayette County Electro Survey

December 3, 2009

Had the unique opportunity to accompany Stephan Magnelia (TPWD Biologist) and his crew Greg Cummings and Darin Gossett) on an Electro-shock Bass survey at Fayette county Reservoir. We put in at 5pm the weather was Breezy and quite nippy thanks again to NOAA San Antonio division for the wrong forecast. The crew and I hit a total of 18 areas on the lake shocking for 5 minutes at each location.

We caught most of the bass in grassy areas Rocky and bare areas did not… Continue

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Re-Discover Trout Fishing in Alaska

Re-Discover Trout Fishing in Alaska

Are you looking for a fantastic place to fish for trout? Trout is undoubtedly one of the top places in the world. Do you want to learn more about in Alaska and how to do so successfully?

Season opens on June 8th and lasts through mid-September. This is the best time for fishing trout in Alaska. Coincidentally, it is also the only time that it is legal to do so there.

Whether you… Continue

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December Drawing for 25 FREE Fishing skirts @Custom Fishing Skirts. com!

Get entered to win 25 FREE fishing skirts by making any purchase during December at my website Skirts will be my choice, you will receive a variety of 25 skirts. Drawing will be held December 31st. Winner will be notified by email. Follow me on Twitter and get an extra entry

Come check us out for… Continue

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Cojo Mojo a photo-story

A day fishing is always more than just a day fishing.

It is a day composed of experiences and sensations, big and small, unique to each person and each day on the water. Since all eight people from our crew this September have their own moments which stand out to define the day, it seems most fitting to form the day’s narrative lens around specific moments we can all experience and re-experience together: our photos.

With three photographers amongst us, the day was well… Continue

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Experience Fishing In Alaska - At It’s Best

Welcome to McDougall Lodge

Where you can experience world-class fishing for all five species of Pacific Salmon, native Rainbow Trout and Northern Pike. Your private Alaskan fishing guide, will consistently put you in position to land that trophy fish of a lifetime. 60 + lb. King Salmon, 15 + lb. Silver Salmon, and 8+ lb. Rainbow Trout are all well within reach on Lake Creek,… Continue

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She's So Fly Is Alaska Bound to Fish With One Lucky Winner

Do you ever dream of that perfect, affordable Alaska fishing trip? Or how about the perfect Alaska fly fishing vacation? I sure do – especially female angler friendly.

Whether you’re attempting to put together that perfect, do-it-yourself, affordable Alaska fishing trip or trying to decide which Alaska fishing guides to use, what lodge to stay at or where to fish, it's all easy to learn if you know where to look.

Alaska is… Continue

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