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the big schools have spread out but we are still catching good numbers

Fishing has really slowed down some over the past few weeks. We are still catching some really good ones but you have just got to work the areas for the big ones. Crankbaits are the deal for us and we are fishing them in every depth from 4 to 20 feet. We are also catching our fish on swimbaits, jigs and worms and some on topwater. Last week there was a big mayfly hatch and it really had the fish going crazy. We are still seeing a lot of schooling action but that is best in the mornings and…


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New Orleans Fishing Report 6/10/2014 Red Fish Fishing Charters in New Orleans


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Red fish fishing charters in New Orleans is a perfect way to spend the day while here enjoying our beautiful city . I offer some of the finest fishing charters , hot action , and southern hospitality in New Orleans. I…


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New Orleans Fishing Report 5-29-2014/ Hot Summer Action Catching Red Fish New Orleans Style

“new orleans fishing guide” “capt jason shilling” “fishing new orleans”

Another week down and headed into another month. This year is flying by or it could be like the old saying goes “Time flys when your having fun.” Thats what its been. Nothing but pure fun and lots of action on the water catching red fish and speckle trout. I wanna thank everyone who has come out and fished with New Orleans Style Fishing Charters this past week . I also wanna thank Capt Roy , Capt Barry ,& Capt…


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New Orleans Fishing Report 5/20/2014-Fishing New Orleans Style for Red Fish

“new orleans fishing guides”,”lafitte fishing charters”,”new orleans fishing trips”

Summer is here ,Schools are letting out and the fishing is good. A New Orleans Fishing trip is just what you may need to start off the summer right. Here are a few pics of  last weeks customers who have been out with  New Orleans Style Fishing Charters and Capt Jason Shilling. I am fishing mostly red fish with soft plastics and spoons in the back waters and some of the interior lakes and bays . I ‘ve…


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The bite is on fire

Fishing the past few weeks has been awesome. The best day we have had we boated around 150 between me and 2 others. They are the ones in all the pics and we only put ones over 5lbs in the box for some pics. There is no telling how many 4 lbers we tossed back over the few days we fished. Check out the two he caught on the same crankbait.  We have hit schools of fish so big that when you reel one in we have seen as many as 30 or 40 chase them back. I know that sounds far fetched but things…


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New Orleans Fishing Report 5/12/2014 /New Oreans Fishing at Its Finest

"fishing charters new orleans" "new orleans fishing" "charter fishing in new orleans" New Orleans fishing at its finest.Fishing in New Orleans has been awesome and I've been sending customers home with lots of memories and stories to tell of thier hot action on the water. We are still catching red fish and lots of em! Mostly fishing with artificial but I have made a couple of trips fishing with market shrimp and catching plenty that way as well. Schools almost out and the kids are gonnna be…


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New Orleans Fishing Reports 5-6-2014/ Fishing Hot Spots In New Orleans For Red Fish

"new orleans fishing reports" "fishing charters in new orleans" "new orleans charter fishing"

Come one come all we're having a ball! Fishing has been good in New Orleans. Red fish and speckle trout are what we are catching and bunches of em! Its been busy here in Lafitte catching these hard fighting red fish and the paper moputh speckle trout mostly fishing soft plastics. The red fish have been averaging around 20"-28" and the trout have been nice as well 13"-20". The summer is…


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The bite is on and the big schools are here

One of my favorite times of the year is finally here and it will only get better and better. The fish are finally getting into big schools and when you catch one there will be several others follow them in. We have had a few days here lately that we have caught 30 or 40 in a couple hours when the schools are going. Big fish, decent fish and small fish are all mixed in. You might catch 10 3 lbers and then catch 5 5lbers. If you can stay on them and keep them biting it is unreal. There are…


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This place is getting ready to turn on fire

This place is on the verge of turning loose. The fish are in that little post spawn funk and you can mark them but they just aren’t firing up like they should. Everyday I head out I feel it could be the day that the big schools turn loose. They seem a little spooky and when you catch a few I feel they scatter and they just don’t stay going for a long period. Hopefully this afternoon will be they day I am waiting for. There are more and more showing up daily and when they go it will be like…


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New Orleans Fishing Report 4/22/2014 New Orleans Fishing Charters in Lafitte ,La

“fishing new orleans” “fishing in new orleans” “fish new orleans”

Fishing in New Orleans this week has been very productive. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting a bunch of new people and catching up with some returning customers. All in all a good week of fishing in Lafitte. We fished all over this week and fished diferent styles of fishing . It just all depended on what Ole Mother Nature handed me to work with . Catching everything from the big bull reds in the pass with crabs to good…


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The bite is picking up

This post is just to put some more of the pictures that I spoke about in my last post. We are catching fish on pretty much everything we fish and in a variety of depths from 2 to 4 and out to 15 foot. Some days we have caught 40 to 50 fish a day and some days are a little slower with around 20 per day but everyday we have caught some good ones.


I have some days available this month still and some for May if anyone is wanting to get out.


I have had several…


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New Orleans Fishing Reports 4/15/2014-Fishing Red Fish In the New Orleans Area

“fishing charters new orleans” “new orleans fishing” “charter fishing in new


What a busy week of catching fish here in Lafitte . I’ve been

fishing red fish and catching a few trout in the process. Mostly fishing with

artificial swim baits, trolling and casting to the the banks and covering a lot

of ground. The red fish have been averaging 20″-29″ and the trout have been

13″-19″. Looks like I have another busy week ahead of me and I look forward to…


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The fish are turning on

The fishing the past few weeks has been really up and down along with the weather. We have had several days where we have caught 40 to 50 fish a day and then the next day we catch 20 or so. With the lack of grass the fish aren’t staying in one place for long periods like years past. We have caught fish on everything we have fished. All plastics, crankbaits, swimbaits, jigs are working and everyday is different on what they want the best. We have had a lot of big fish lately and I have so…


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New Orleans Fishing Report 4/7/14 Spring is Here In New Orleans and The Fishing Is Hot

"fishing new orleans""fishing in new orleans""new orleans fishing charters""fish new orleans" Here are a couple pics from my New Orleans Fishing Charters  this past week . I wanna thank Capt Roy and Capt Mike for helping me with a couple of these trips ..I also wanna thank everyone for "COMING FISH A NAWLINS GOOD TIME "  with me and New Orleans Style Fishing Charters. Ive been booking tripd daily and still have some openings . I look forward to fishing with everyone in the up coming week .…


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Bluegill baits bag big bass!

You could say that catching a bass is one of the most exciting freshwater fish you can hook into, but I tend to differ with that thought process most of the time.

However, on…


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The fish are biting but if the weather would just warm up it would really turn on

Fishing the last few weeks has been up and down. A few days we have seen them come up schooling running the shad and yes the water temp is in the upper 50’s and other days it is a grind. I am starting to think that this is the never ending winter. I think that when it finally warms up that every fish in the lake is going to be spawning and it will be like 3 or 4 years ago when it was so unreal.


I have been covered up here lately and several days after fishing a full day I…


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New Orleans Fishing Report 3/18-3/22 2014 Fishing in New Orleans for Bull Reds

"New Orleans fishing charters" "Fishing charters New Orleans" "New Orleans fishing"

New Orleans fishing for bull reds is what we did this week. The weather and tide were perfect for it so we went after the big boys and what a successful week of fishing it has been. I wanna thank everyone for coming out this week and enjoying a good time on their New Orleans fishing charter with New Orleans Style Fishing Charters and me Capt Jason Shilling  . On an average the bull reds were 25-30 lbs…


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New Orleans Fishing Report3/17/14 Fishing For Bull Reds In New Orleans

“New Orleans fishing charter ” “charter fishing New Orleans” “ New Orleans fishing reports”

I try to put up my New Orleans fishing reports as soon as I can so that y’all can have the most current fishing reports on New Orleans  available. This Saturday I had the pleasure of fishing with Mr. & Mrs. Anderson . I decided to go  looking for some bull reds since the wind was laid down enough too make the ride down south . We fished with plastics for the first part of the morning…


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New Orleans Fishing Report 3/13/14 Fishing Red Fish New Orleans Style

charter fishing New Orleans " "New Orleans fishing reports" "fishing charters in New Orleans"

Taking a Fishing Charter in New Orleans is what my customers had in mind when planning their vacation to south Louisiana from Minnesota. Mr. Travis and his son Alex accompanied me yesterday on their first New Orleans fishing trip . We headed out in search for some speckle trout first thing and were able to catch a few before the wind picked up and stirred things up. So we went look for red fish.…


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