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Puerto Vallarta fishing May Forecast

Puerto Vallarta fishing in May signals a shift in the bait movement, Pacific Ocean waters and the fishing. The starting of May the fishing changes as the waters start warming up and the bait starts moving in. When the water start warming up around 77 to 80 deg.  we start seeing more baitcoming into the bay and offshore. When we start seeing…


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Puerto Vallarta fishing report 2019

Puerto Vallarta fishing charters in February. The fishing charters here in Puerto Vallarta for February have not changed a lot since last January our last fishing report. The fantistic news is we’re seeing more bait like sardines showing up which is drawing in some of the bigger fish like the Marlin which showing up in good numbers. Mahi-mahi are still hanging around as the water temperature is still holding 78 and even up to 82° in some of the offshore fishing places. The pelagic sailfish…


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Puerto Vallarta fishing report

Puerto Vallarta fishing report October. The abundance of sailfish ,Marlin and mahi-mahi have kept us busy fishing here in Puerto Vallarta for big game this month. The offshore action right now for October is off the charts and getting better. The most consistent bite and been around the Corbetena were there has been tuna as well. These trips that we're doing now offshore are 8 to 10 hours and I've had some really great success on all the pelagic fish that were fishing for here in Puerto…


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Puerto Vallarta fishing charter report November

The November fishing has started off with marlin and sailfish action that continues to heat up.  The marlin have been here through October and are holding strong through November. Some of the best places have been Corbetena and El Banco.  The are between El Morro and Corbetena has been excellent for fast speed lures around 8 knots depending on the wind and waves the days we have been fishing these spots. The water has been dark blue and holding bait for these black and blue marlin.  There…


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Puerto Vallarta fishing report August 27 , 2017

The fishing for the month of August here in Puerto Vallarta has been strong. We have been having lot of families and some fantastic trips here but school has started the last week and now it time to start fishing for the big ones. I'm talking 8 hrs deep sea fishing trips here in Puerto Vallarta plus a few hrs. The summer time can be great here in the bay but most of the time the big marlin are hanging around the Corbentena and El Banco. The fishing there can be epic at times. Big tuna ,…


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