Bass: Fishing in my neck of paradise

Welcome to my very first Blog about the much talked about subject of Bass Fishing! I have the distinct privilege of living in the worst possible place in the world to fish for bass: Naples Florida. Bout the only decent bass fishing in "Gods Waiting Room" (as we call it), is in golf courses. These however, are closed to the public, and if I could count on my hands the times Ive been kicked off of them, I would need to use my toes as well. Because of this, fishing for bass here is really frustrating. But sometimes even Jonathan catches a break.

Every once and awhile I get the privilege of making friends with someone in a golf course, and gain access to some really great bass water. 4 & 5 pounders are easy in one of these water displacement ponds. To give you an example of how productive these waters can be: try catching 16 bass in the matter of 2 hours, all ranging over one pound, two weighing in over 2lbs, one weighing in at 3lbs. Its action like that that really gets you excited about bass again. That was my experience in late Spring of 2008. Its now almost halfway into summer, and that same lake is almost impossible to fish during the day.

A Berkshire Lake Fish

So what happened? Well...its simple. The bass just started feeding at night. With 75-80 degree water during the day, can you blame them? "If you don't like the heat, stay outta the kitchen"...or so they say. Im willing to test my theory tonight. Ive got some Spinnerbaits with a short arms and huge Colorodo blades, Big honkin Red Shad worms with brass weights and glass beads and some worm rattles if necessary, and the biggest black jitterbug I could find. So lets see how I do.

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Comment by Nick on March 13, 2009 at 10:20am
I can imagine fishing a place like that because I also have a place like that except you never catch fish smaller than 3lb's there and the rest average between 5-10. With one loss that was probablly 12+. In regards to night fishing get yourself a nice black buzzbait, a BIG black stanley frog with monster screw in hook, 12" black culprit worm, and a good big black/blue jig with loud rattles. Then you will be catching some nice fish in no time.
Comment by Jon A. on July 6, 2008 at 9:28pm
My experiment was a complete failure. It seems the bass are not feeding at night as I had supposed. Infact, I only caught one scrawny fish for all my trouble. Oh and learn. Either these fish have dispersed due to the end of spawn...or they really need something new.

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