Its been a while since I wrote the next update for my blog but after 6 weeks its finally here, Carp Tackle Box Pt2 is finally online to read. Its part 2 of a series of blog entries that is examining the contents of the tackle box I use for my carp fishing.
Tackle Box for Carp Pt1 proved to be a very very popular addition to my blog, I had a feeling that the inside of my tackle box might warrant a blog entry but I certainly wasn't expecting it to be so popular!. In fact its now one of the most read entries in my blog!.
Also proving popular are Making Lead Weights for Carp and Basic Carp Rig. At some point this winter I'll be updating my basic carp rig entry and republishing it with some pictures on how to actually construct the rig. Look out for that one around Christmas time or early in the new year depending on how much time I have to go fishing!.

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