Hey Fishing Fans.....Check out this awesome question I was asked by a friend of mine. R.J. Lanoie. 


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Here's a question for you Andy. In your opinion, Fall bass. . . There are all common " laws " for bass fishing that apply all year round, temperature, pressure, spawn etc that help figure out patterns or where some bass might be. Summer time. . . most people avoid fishing peak sun hours because its so hot and bright, consequentially the stereotypical best times to fish are later at night and earlier in the morning. Being that its much colder, and the sun is farther away, do you think bass would be more active mid day during the fall and winter times and slightly less active at the previously mentioned times? or basically still just dependent on all the other variables? I live in New England, so we have cool springs, hot summers, and cold winters.

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Comment by John Cochran on October 5, 2011 at 3:06pm
Great comments here.  So many different beliefs on the fall season way to fish.  All I know is that the fishing is great.  If I could only pick one season to fish it would be the fall.
Comment by John Cochran on October 5, 2011 at 2:41pm
I'm finding that here in Kentucky the fall bass are more active simply by the moon chart.  Each day it's about an hour later than the day before.  If today it's 10am-12pm/8pm-10pm tomorrow it's 11am-1pm/9pm-11pm and so on.  Works for me.  I just watch the moon charts and try to fish in those time slots.  Although if I want to fish, I fish no matter what anyone or anything in the world tells me.  Because, sometimes they bite.  Sometimes, they don't.
Comment by Andy Thecameraman on October 5, 2011 at 1:18pm

Wow, now thats some good info Bob! Thanks for that!


Comment by Bob Spicer on October 5, 2011 at 12:16pm

Well Fall fishing for Bass can both rewarding and a challenge depending on where you live. Here in Southern Ontario our fall can include beautiful colour and mild days, or like last weekend Gale Force winds and 15 foot waves on the great lakes. So depending on the course of the fall and the air and water temps it can be more of a challenge to pattern.

Smallmouth seem to love the fall and around here they move from the deeper rock structure from the hot dog days of summer to the shallow rock sand transitions or sandbar edges. They put on a feedbag from late September until our close of season the end of October. As the fall progresses and the lakes turn over (cooler bottom temps flip to the surface and trap warmer water near the bottom) the fish move back to deeper shoal edges and transition lines, feeding on schooling bait, Gobies and Crayfish. On Lake Erie and Lake Simcoe the biggest tournament bags come in October and November to those that brave cold and rough weather. Fish can start to push the 6 lb plus average. Small mouth tend to be less effected by the need for sun but will follow the bait to rock weed or rock sand transition to feed on prey seeking the suns warmth.


Largemouth do tend to be more temperature sensitive and will not turn on at first light as they do in summer. They tend to be more sluggish and stick closer to cover not for shade but for retained warmth. I find that they relate more to rock weed transition areas where the rocks can either absorb the suns rays earlier to warm the surrounding water or to wood, concrete, or other structures that can hold heat. This can include obviously weed patches. The same principals that apply to summer fishing a cold-front apply to the fall, when the temps drop move towards deeper water and use slow retreives or slow baits like senkos and shakeyheads or even resorting to deadsticking baits.

All in all follow the sun in the morning and look for the transitions, fish won't be afraid to roam the weedflats too now even midday. Fall is just a different pattern with weights that only get bigger!

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